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  • Is Wrought Iron Expensive for a Door?

    Is Wrought Iron Expensive for a Door? Blog-Image

    Wrought iron doors have been around for a long time in history. Due to their versatility, beauty and durability, wrought iron doors are a popular choice for many homeowners to safeguard their property.

    Wrought iron doors are both a statement piece and safety feature at houses around the world so the big question is, are wrought iron doors expensive?

    The word “wrought” is an ancient name for the past tense of the verb “to work”. The word “worked” iron naturally became “wrought” iron when blacksmiths of old hammered them into various shapes, forms, and beautiful designs.

    Wrought iron was the most used before and now due to iron being malleable, unlike cast iron which is brittle than wrought iron.

    What are wrought iron doors made of and how do they differ from other door materials

    Wrought iron is made from iron, a naturally occurring element found in the ground. To be defined as “wrought” iron, the iron is mixed with iron silicate.

    Wrought iron also has a very low carbon content, which makes it possible to heat, bend, shape, and weld wrought iron.

    Wrought iron can be observed to be used as early as 2000 BC in the Anatolian peninsula, modern-day Turkey, and it was widely used in construction throughout the 19th century.

    Advancements in metallurgy in the 20th century, however, have made it easier and less expensive to machine-form and weld metal parts.

    Wrought iron doors are doors made from iron, in which iron is an element commonly found under the ground.

    Specifically, to be called wrought iron, the iron needs to be mixed with iron silicate. Wrought iron has a low carbon content which enables workers to bend, heat, shape, and weld it into whichever shape or design they desire.

    Wrought iron can be used today as doors, fences, railings and so much more.

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    How does wrought iron differ from other door materials?

    1. Wrought iron doors are very easy to maintain, unlike wood doors, they don’t rot or warp.

    2. Wrought iron doors can come in many designs, you can incorporate many elements into it such as different colors, hardware, add glass or bend them into intricate shapes.

    3. Wrought iron doors are the perfect doors to customize as you can request them to be stronger for colder climates with a thermal break, they can come in many sizes, and in any thickness.

    4. They are strong and durable which is the best for added security in your home.

    5. Wrought iron doors are easy to install as they can with insulated glass, transparent or clouded, strong security screens, and a weather-stripping system. They are easy to install because of their slide-in design.

    6. Energy efficient as wrought iron doors are excellent at preventing cold or hot air from escaping so by using wrought iron doors, you can save money on utility bills. Wrought iron doors are good for maintaining your house’s temperature and humidity levels.

    7. Wrought iron doors are perfect anywhere as they are statement pieces of your style and personality.

    They add charm and uniqueness in any part of your home, as a door to a man-cave, wine cellar, or a bold look for an entryway. Wrought iron doors are also an excellent added feature at commercial places like restaurants and hotels.

    8. With wrought iron doors you won’t have to worry about corrosion or rust. Steel doors are more prone to rusting and than wrought iron doors, so they hold up better. Wrought iron doors are applied with a coating that makes them rust-resistant.

    Why are wrought iron doors expensive

    Wrought iron gates-Bigeasyironworks.comWrought iron, because of its material and the difficulty involved in producing it, is more expensive than wood and vinyl fencing.

    Additionally, one may find it slightly more expensive to install it as well, especially if the design of the wrought iron is custom made.

    Is wrought iron expensive? Wrought iron doors have a reputation for being expensive due to its material and the complex process to make and produce it.

    Wrought iron doors are more expensive than wood doors or vinyl. Wrought iron doors can be slightly more expensive to install if their design and thickness are customized.

    How much does it cost to have a new wrought iron door installed

    How much does wrought iron doors cost? New doors can cost low or high based on what material is used, what type of door is needed, and how customized it is.

    The cost of wrought iron doors to be installed on average can cost as low as $1,500 to $12,000 on the high end.

    Even though wrought iron doors can be costly to install, due to their beautiful designs and excellent safety features, more and more people are still choosing them regardless of the cost.

    Wrought iron doors can have a steel base but sometimes they can have a wood base with intricate iron detailing in the glass.

    Do you need to replace your entire front porch with a new one if you want to install a wrought iron door

    Wrought iron doors are known to be bulky and heavy materials so many homeowners will naturally be concerned about the installation process and how it can affect their current home if they want to install one.

    Concerns about how the installation will be completed can also arise if they need to remove or install other features such as pillars or whatnot.

    If you go to a professional company who are trained to install iron doors, you will be rest assured that before and after installation your current home will stay as it is with the only added addition being your new wrought iron doors.

    They have specialists who will come and install whatever wrought iron doors you want property in any doorway size and with any necessary customizations to make sure that the doors are fitted properly and look natural in place.

    Are there any other considerations homeowners should take before installing a new wrought iron door or replacing their entire porch

    Wrought iron door-Bigeasyironworks.comThere are things that need to be considered by the homeowner first before installing a new wrought iron door and the first one is size.

    Your home can have small or big size entryways or unique shapes so you need to make sure and work with professionals to make sure that the door will fit well.

    You should also factor in the cost as installation costs can pile up without you knowing it and doing calculations beforehand; however, they can be easy on the pocket too if you know what to look for. You can have a perfect custom wrought iron door that fits your budget.


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