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  • Is Wrought Iron Worth Anything?

    Is Wrought Iron Worth Anything? Blog-Image

    Wrought iron fence has proven to be an excellent investment for many residential and commercial property owners.

    It provides an attractive, effective, and affordable way to secure any property. However, some homeowners and businesses consider cost when choosing a fence material.

    The wrought iron fence designs value can be expensive. It is pricey for some homeowners who seek privacy fences.

    But it can be an ideal choice for those considering durability, custom creations, and historic restorations.

    Wrought Iron Prices

    It can be time-consuming to budget for a fence. The material of your fence determines the price you pay.

    Balcony Antique wrought iron Railings - Big Easy Iron Works

    Wrought iron Railings can be the most expensive type of fencing to use.

    But, the Price Also Depends on Many Factors Such As:

    • Your location which has an impact on the local price of materials, tools, and labor
    • How thick the fence is
    • How intricate you want the fence decorations to be such as multiple levels and corners and highly intricate barrier insert patterns
    • The fence’s overall size
    • What kind of finish you choose
      • Painted
      • Galvanized
      • Left natural

    Wrought iron value for most homeowners according to Homeadvisor ranges from $2,780 and between $1,254 and $4,305 for wrought iron fencing.

    It is further indicated that the price for a fence that is 140 feet to 200 feet long is between $2,666 and $5,200.

    Decorative additions can increase the price to more than $10,000 and a matching gate can add $300 to $9,000, including installations.

    Here Are the Prices per Foot for Wrought Iron According To Fencing Type:

    • Plain Black Iron: $24 – $30
    • Galvanized: $28 – $32
    • Ornamental: $27 – $34

    And Here Are the Average Prices According To the Brand of Metal:

    • Romex Wire: $0.92/lb
    • Steel BX: $0.10/lb
    • Brass: $1.04/lb
    • Brass Shells: $0.86/lb

    What is Wrought Iron Used For?

    Wrought iron was used in the past for making nails, horseshoes, nuts and bolts, rivets, rails, and railway couplings, pipes to carry steam and water, as well as for ornamental ironwork.

    Nowadays it is mainly used for other purposes such as:

    • Metal gates
    • Iron railings
    • Garden furniture
    • Driveway gates
    • Decorative ironwork for outdoor display
    • Fencing
    • Decorative items (ex. bedsteads, candle holders, curtain rods, and wine racks)

    If you want the value of your home to improve, you can use wrought iron to upgrade your screen doors, window bars, staircase railings, cellar doors, and balconies.

    It is the perfect choice to improve the appearance, security, and value of your home.

    Wrought Iron Background - Big Easy Iron Works

    Consider remodeling and installing wrought iron fixtures in your home and outdoor landscape.

    Why is Wrought Iron So Expensive?

    Wrought iron is made by repeatedly heating and reworking cast iron.

    This manufacturing process that gives wrought iron its laminar structure makes it a costly material.

    It has a far higher tensile strength and is more ductile than cast iron.

    Authentic wrought iron is labor-intensive to manufacture, hence, some manufacturers use it combined with cast iron.

    Additionally, one may find it slightly more expensive to install, especially if the design of the wrought iron is custom made.

    Recycling Wrought Iron

    Metals can be recycled repeatedly without altering their properties.

    In fact, the American Iron and Steel Institute stated that steel is the most recycled material on the planet. Wrought iron is one type of metal that can be recycled.

    There are two classifications of metals: Ferrous metals are combinations of iron and carbon.

    • Examples of ferrous metals are carbon steel, alloy steel, wrought iron, and cast iron.
    • Non-ferrous metals are mostly precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, iridium, and palladium.

    Scrap wrought iron is bought by wrought iron companies. They know how to check if it is really wrought iron.

    Some old wrought iron can come from anchor chains, anchors, gas holder tire bars, iron bridges, and iron railings.

    Another way of recycling wrought iron when you cannot find a company that will buy it is to locate antique shops, garden centers, or other boutiques that might want to re-use or resell it.

    How Much Does Scrap Wrought Iron Sell For?

    The price of scrap metal recycling varies from one state to another in the United States. You can get the exact and current price from your local recycling center.

    The general price per pound for scrap wrought iron is $4.30. Hence, there is potential money laying around for your scrap wrought iron.

    Wrought Iron Can Be Worth the Money

    Wrought iron is one of the most durable materials for decoratives, railings, fencing, and other structures for your property.

    Wrought Iron Scrap Value - Big Easy Iron Works

    When it has reached its life or you decide to change it for another material, it can be recycled.

    Wrought iron value depends on the ferrous metal recycling policies in your locality and you should be able to sell your wrought iron for scrap no matter where you live.

    If you want to increase your house’s value, consider adding wrought iron on your doors or fences. To know more about this material, talk to us at Big Easy Iron Works.

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