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New Orleans Porch Enclosures - Enjoy Custom-Made Porch without the Bugs or Rain

Porch Enclosure New Orleans - Crescent Iron Works

A porch and patios are wonderful places to sit outside with a book on the weekends, host a summer party with friends, or watch the sunset after a long day at work.

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with porches, you’ll no doubt want to enjoy them. That’s why Big Easy Iron Works offer quality New Orleans porch enclosures to help you enjoy your porches without incident.

Unfortunately, bugs and the elements can put a damper on outdoor lounging on the patios, turning an otherwise enjoyable construction experience into an unbearable situation.

When the rainy and storm season starts, your plans to enjoy the outdoors may all too often be cut short by inclement weather.

As a porch enclosure supplier, we’re able to enhance homeowners’ decks, patios and porches by protecting them (and you) from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your porch rain or shine.

Give us a call to get a free estimate for our enclosed front porch services, or keep reading to learn more about how a sunroom can improve your home.

What is a porch cover or enclosure?

Deck enclosures, porch enclosures, sunrooms, patios, and other similar construction structures all share one common theme: they protect you from bugs and weather that might make outdoor activities unpleasant, using barriers such as framed screens, panels, overhead extensions, or other structures to enhance the space.

There are a variety of customizable features you can pick from to complete your porch cover.

Some of the options available through our service includes the following:

  • Porch covers alone, without walls, which allow the most airflow and shade from the sun
  • Porch cover kits if you’d like to construct a porch cover yourself
  • Screens instead of glass panels, which allow more airflow than glass and keep bugs out
  • Glass panels, which keep both bugs and rain out
  • Windows that open, with or without screens
  • Ceiling fans and overhead lights, to add light and air circulation
  • Sunroom enclosures, which can have a glass ceiling (for light) or a more “shade-friendly” ceiling
  • Front porch options – you don’t have to limit your enclosure to your back porch
  • Brick enclosure accents to match your home (or to complement your home)
  • Screened-in deck add-ons to protect your existing deck area

Sunroom Enclosures

When we reach our rainy season, staying indoors can be discouraging. With a sunroom enclosure or patios construction, however, you can sit outside and watch the rainfall on the glass – it’s almost therapeutic. You could even do yoga, host a family gathering, or work on a craft project “in the rain.”

For these reasons, many of our clients choose a sunroom installation for their back porch.

Porch Enclosures

Custom Railings - Crescent Iron WorksA porch enclosure is a slightly different type of enclosure. With a sunroom installation, we will come to your property and build an entirely new structure over an existing porch area (or add a porch area as part of the sunroom).

With a porch enclosure, however, our clients typically have an existing roof over their porch and patios area. We simply come to construct walls that shield our clients from bugs and weather. These can be screens or glass, with accents in different materials to complement your home.

Porch enclosures are best for those hot, humid days where you need shelter from both the sun and the bugs. Shade from your porch cover provides relief from the sun, while your porch enclosure walls will keep out bugs. They can also provide a cozy atmosphere for hosting outdoor family meals while it rains.

Many of our clients with existing porches choose porch enclosures as a solution to their bug and weather challenges.

More than a porch enclosure service provider

At Big Easy Iron Works, we are proud to be New Orleans owned and operated, specializing in construction, and we offer a wide range of services and products aimed at improving the homes and lives of the residents.

We help individuals bring their visions to reality, utilizing a number of services and materials to enhance and beautify any residence.

A few reasons customers prefer working with our company:

  • New Orleans porch enclosures: Rather than working with a large, faceless company, our clients enjoy working with local experts to design and install sunrooms, screened-in decks, and porch enclosures suitable for NOLA architecture and style.
  • “Near me” service: If your friend’s children accidentally rip one of your porch screens in the future, or you need a similar project done promptly, we’re just a call and a couple of miles away. Because we focus on providing service to New Orleans, you know you’ll have our full attention when you need us.
  • Worry-free installation: We’ve been installing glass porch enclosures, brick enclosures, screened-in decks, and more in this area for 30 years. Our experts will evaluate your property before beginning installation to ensure you’ve selected the best option for your home, then install your new enclosure carefully and check to make sure you’re satisfied with the final result.

We take customer satisfaction seriously. When you work with us, you can rest knowing we check every detail to give you the best final result.

Other Services

Custom Fabrication - Crescent Iron WorksOnce you’ve installed your porch enclosure, you may start spending more time outside – and realize you’d like to renovate more areas of your home and yard.

If you’re looking at further improving your property, give us a call! We offer many services to meet a variety of aesthetic, practical, and even security needs. Some of these include:

  • Porch doors in both French door and sliding door style, so your porch has a beautiful entrance that matches your new sunroom.
  • Storm doors for your entrance or porch door, so you can breathe in fresh air even if you aren’t in your sunroom
  • Custom wrought-iron fences for your front or backyard, to match your style and provide an added layer of security to your home
  • And more!

Driving Directions

Big Easy Iron Works is located at 625 Celeste St Suite 504-E, New Orleans, LA, 14 minutes away from Crescent Park Trail and 21 minutes away from Nola Riding Academy.

From Crescent Park (6.2 miles) : via Tchoupitoulas St

Take Chartres St and N Peters St to Elysian Fields Ave: Head east toward Montegut St, Turn left toward Montegut St, Turn right onto Montegut St, Turn left onto Chartres St, Turn left onto St Ferdinand St, St Ferdinand St turns right and becomes N Peters St.

Continue on Elysian Fields Ave. Take I-10 W and US-90 BUS W to Religious St: Turn right onto Elysian Fields Ave. Turn left onto N Claiborne Ave then Take the ramp on the left onto I-10 W. Use the left lane to take exit 234C for US-90 BUS W toward Westbank/Claiborne Ave.

Keep left and merge onto US-90 BUS W. Take exit 11 toward Tchoupitoulas St/South Peters St/Napoleon Terminal, then Merge onto Calliope St, Turn right onto Tchoupitoulas St, Continue onto Religious St then Turn right onto Celeste St – Destination will be on the right.

From Nola Riding Academy (14.7 miles): via US-90 BUS E

Get on US-90 BUS E in Marrero from Nicolle Blvd and Westbank Expy: Head northeast toward Torque Ln then Turn left onto Torque Ln. Turn right onto Nicolle Blvd, Continue onto Segnette Blvd then Turn right onto US-90 BUS E/Westbank Expy. Continue to follow Westbank Expy, Pass by Subway (on the right in 1.4 mi) then Take the US-90 BUS E ramp on the left.

Follow US-90 BUS E to Tchoupitoulas St in New Orleans. Take exit 11A from US-90 BUS E: Continue onto US-90 BUS E, Take exit 11A for Tchoupitoulas St then Keep right at the fork and merge onto Tchoupitoulas St.

Drive to Religious St: Merge onto Tchoupitoulas St. Continue onto Religious St then Turn right onto Celeste St – Destination will be on the right.

About New Orleans

We love living in New Orleans. It’s why we rooted our business here. If you’re new, welcome – we know you’ll fall in love with this city, too.

Here are a few great starting places to explore our city:

  • New Orleans Food Walking Tour of the French Quarter: You’re probably already a fan of New Orleans’ world-famous jambalaya and gumbo. With this tour, you’ll discover the local restaurants that create these meals with unforgettable flavor and style. Looking for a favorite go-to dinner restaurant? Start here.
  • The Cabildo: One of the most historically significant buildings in New Orleans, this Spanish structure was the site of the Louisiana Purchase and the seat of Louisiana government for many decades. It’s now a museum with rare artifacts and incredible stories from Louisiana’s past.
  • City Park: Another thing New Orleans is known for: alligators. And turtles. And swamp life in general. City Park preserves over 1,000 acres of Louisiana bayou in the middle of the metropolitan area, making it larger even than Central Park. Get to know our animal neighbors’ natural habitats with a walk in one of City Park’s many well-maintained trails, or by joining a hiking group or tour.


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“Great job on the iron gates! I can’t believe they finished installing the iron gate and repairing our fence. A lot of my neighbors recommended Big Easy Iron Works and I can see why they trust them so much. Very professional workers came and the owner checked up from time to time. Great experience.”

– Vanessa Johnson

“You have my respect for Big Easy Iron Works! Thank you for staying true to your word about quality service. They helped install our new iron fence and it exceeded my expectations to be honest. They explained everything they would be doing every day of the job. I really recommend them for those living in New Orleans. Hire them for your fencing needs.”

– Billy Anderson

“I contacted Big Easy Iron Works because most of my neighbors recommended them to me. I am satisfied with the time that they took to finish the work repairs with my wood fence. The fences they placed turned out nice and they looked like they would last longer. I would also recommend them to my friends in New Orleans.”

– Shirley Oaks