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Door Supplier Of Patio Doors In New Orleans

You’ve worked hard to design and beautify the outdoor living area of your home, be it a garden area in your backyard, inviting patio or deck, and you want to enjoy it – rain or shine, inside or outside.

Many of our patio design clients here at Big Easy Iron Works want patio doors for their New Orleans home that will give them the ability to enjoy the outdoors whether or not they’re actually outside, opening up their home to the fresh New Orleans air.

Patio Doors – your options abound

Double French Patio Doors

Some of our clients prefer double French doors to their patio: with a traditional look and a strong statement, these doors provide a focal point for a room as well as a beautiful view of your backyard.

Sliding Patio Doors

Others choose sliding doors. A sliding door can open up your view to your backyard whether you’re on your way outside or relaxing with friends on the couch, allowing you to appreciate your beautiful yard (and watch any kids or pets playing outside) rain or shine.

Impressive Selections, Professional Installation

We’re the team you need to get it done right, on time and on budget. With over 30 years’ service in the NOLA area, we’ve earned a top-rated reputation for our services, and we take pride in providing affordable, high-quality patio doors for the community.

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of sliding doors and French doors.

Sliding doors or French doors – What’s the difference?

Doors New Orleans - Crescent Iron WorksWhen you’re looking at options for exterior doors for your New Orleans home, you’ll have a number of options to consider: French doors, traditional doors, sliding doors, and others.

Why should you install a sliding door or a French door?

Generally, our clients prefer sliding doors and French doors to traditional doors because of the view they afford of the garden and yard, and because of the sunshine they let into a room, as well as the aesthetic and unique design options available.

Here are a few of the differences between sliding doors and French doors, beyond the general aesthetic of each:

  • French doors provide an aesthetic focal point for a room while sliding doors make a subtle statement that emphasizes the outdoor view
  • French doors provide a wider opening than a sliding door; if you plan to move large furniture through the doors, French doors are a better fit
  • Sliding doors take up less space than French doors because they don’t need additional space to swing open (French doors open into your room, so they need space to be able to swing open and close)
  • Both doors can be installed with modern security features and shatterproof glass
  • Sliding doors are more energy efficient than French doors
  • French doors provide more freedom in controlling ventilation; you can open either door or both, depending on the amount of fresh air you’d like to let in. You can adjust the openness of a sliding door as well, but as the opening is smaller overall, your ventilation will be more limited

We’ve installed many patio doors in New Orleans, and would be happy to talk with you about your home’s specific layout and the best door for your patio.

More than a door company – a local business with local pride in the community we live in

Crescent Iron Works - 30 Years
Crescent Iron Works

Big Easy Iron Works is proud to be an iron working business locally owned and operated here in New Orleans.

All of our custom ironwork is done from scratch, in-house by our experienced welders. When you work with us, you know you’re getting more than patio doors for your New Orleans home; you’re getting quality service from a company invested in improving the lives of New Orleans residents.

Here are a few of the values we bring to the table:

  • Customer satisfaction comes first: We earned our “top-rated” reputation by recognizing that our job is to make you happy. From arriving on-time to respecting your property while we work, to ensuring your door is top quality, we strive to deliver an experience and a result you are satisfied with.
  • No cutting corners: We create our custom iron-wrought products in-house, and other products are ordered directly from the factory from trusted and vetted suppliers. We work directly with the manufacturer to ensure you receive highly rated products that will last you for years to come.
  • Keeping it affordable: Because we purchase directly from the factory or fabricate in-house, we’re able to eliminate the expensive markups often added in retail. We keep prices reasonable so you can have more options in designing your dream New Orleans patio.
  • Quality that lasts: For your patio door to last summer after summer, with the many times it’ll be slid open and closed and battered by wind and rain, you’ll need something made from top materials. We source high-quality doors that will last you for dozens of barbecuing years to come.
  • Style and practicality: A quality door isn’t just stylish, but also practical; it insulates your home and doesn’t stick or sag. And practical doors shouldn’t just be functional – they should also be stylish elements that enhance your home. We design and install quality doors that are both stylish and practical, so you get the best of both worlds.

Other Services

We provide many services beyond patio doors in New Orleans such as security doors and many more; if you’re designing a new patio, call us about your railings, fencing, and more!

Here are a few of our other services:

  • Wood fencing and custom wrought-iron fencing so that, whatever your aesthetic, you can define and secure your home with beauty
  • Wrought-iron security doors for your entrance, to prevent break-ins and add a level of sophistication to your entrance
  • Sliding driveway gates that welcome visitors and discourage solicitors
  • And more! Give us a call to find out everything we offer.

About New Orleans

We’ve provided service to the New Orleans for 30 years. It’s our home, and we love the rich culture and history here.

If you’re new to the area, here are a few places we always recommend:

  • Royal Carriage Tour: There’s no better way to experience the French Tour than a romantic carriage tour. Relax in a horse-drawn carriage while your guide drives you through the famous shops, telling you the many stories from New Orleans’ past.
  • New Orleans Museum of Art: This is a fantastic way to see art from New Orleans’ top artists side-by-side with famous works by Degas, O’Keefe, and others. With 40,000 pieces on display, there’s something here for everyone.
  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas: At this aquarium, you’ll be able to watch species unique to our region of the world, from the Mississippi exhibit to the Gulf of Mexico rehabilitation center (where you’ll see animals in rehab before they are returned to the wild).

Driving Directions

Big Easy Iron Works is 14 minutes away from Voodoo Authentica and is 13 minutes away from Old Absinthe House.

Directions from Voodoo Authentica—Head northwest on Dumain St toward Royal St and then turn left at the 1st cross street onto Royal St and then turn left onto Conti St. Turn right onto Decatur St and continue onto Magazine St.

Directions from Old Absinthe House— Head northwest on Bienville St toward Bourbon St and then turn left onto N Rampart St then continue straight onto S Rampart St. Take St Charles Ave to Harmony St. Take Prytania St to Louisiana Ave and then turn left at the 2nd cross street onto Louisiana Ave and turn right onto Magazine St.


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Business information

Big Easy Iron Works
625 Celeste St Suite 504-E,
New Orleans, LA 70130

What Our Clients Say

“Great job on the iron gates! I can’t believe they finished installing the iron gate and repairing our fence. A lot of my neighbors recommended Big Easy Iron Works and I can see why they trust them so much. Very professional workers came and the owner checked up from time to time. Great experience.”

– Vanessa Johnson

“You have my respect for Big Easy Iron Works! Thank you for staying true to your word about quality service. They helped install our new iron fence and it exceeded my expectations to be honest. They explained everything they would be doing every day of the job. I really recommend them for those living in New Orleans. Hire them for your fencing needs.”

– Billy Anderson

“I contacted Big Easy Iron Works because most of my neighbors recommended them to me. I am satisfied with the time that they took to finish the work repairs with my wood fence. The fences they placed turned out nice and they looked like they would last longer. I would also recommend them to my friends in New Orleans.”

– Shirley Oaks