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New Orleans Security Windows - Upgrade for Safety, Energy Efficiency, and Easy Cleaning

When people think of the best place to secure your home, they don’t often think of windows installation, beyond, perhaps, adding an extra lock. Danger from UV rays is rarely considered, and cleaning can be a nightmare.

Here’s the truth: there are more pressing security issues than adding a lock to your window. Big Easy Iron Works, as a premier provider of New Orleans security windows, we work to make sure our clients’ windows guard against many types of threats, including but not limited to split screens and shattered windows.

Many of these options are invisible or aesthetically attractive as well as secure, and some even block harmful UV rays (that can heat your home and cause skin damage).

We even have security-minded installation designs that can be tilted inward for easier cleaning, which is especially helpful for second and third-story windows. And if you have young children, your windows may benefit from window guards: metal devices that fit into your window and keep children from dangerously falling out.

Does your home have the best windows for your lifestyle and safety?

Your home is your castle, let us help keep it protected, so check out our windows in New Orleans.

Read on to learn about the types of security windows we offer or give us a call today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have or give you a free quote on new window installation for your home.

What are security windows?

“Security windows” is a term that encompasses a wide variety of window improvements that can increase your home safety, including but not limited to:

  • Window tinting
  • Window film
  • Wrought iron windows
  • Security screens
  • Window guards
  • Casement windows
  • Window bars

A few of the most popular include security window bars, tinting, window guards, security screens, and wrought iron windows. Below, you’ll find some details on these custom security windows services.

If you want increased privacy without obstructing your view, consider tinting your home windows. Window tinting doesn’t necessarily obstruct light significantly, with modern window tinting installation films comes in a variety of grades, including darker and lighter shades.

Not only will these films increase your privacy, but they’ll increase your safety against harmful UV rays (and boost your home’s energy efficiency). UV rays can be responsible for a variety of skin problems, including skin cancer. By installing window tinting, you can protect yourself and your family from UV rays, keep intruders from watching your family life, and cool down your home.

Cars are a common place to be exposed to UV radiation. To protect you from radiation even while driving, we also offer mobile tinting installation for car windows. Call us to learn more about how we can protect you both on the road and at home with our tinting services!

Window guards & bars for NOLA families

Windows New Orleans - Crescent Iron WorksIf you have young children, they’re probably curious. They may enjoy opening windows to look outside. They likely don’t realize the danger of leaning out of the window too far. Likewise, these windows can present the perfect opportunity for would-be robbers to break-in.

To provide peace of mind for parents and grandparents alike, we offer window guards to prevent children from falling from windows.

Window guards are screens or metal devices added to the lower portion of a window to keep children from falling out. Even a first-floor fall can seriously injure or kill a child, so if you have a young child in your family, window guards are a must.

Security screens for safety

Hearing a window shatter (often the first sound of a burglary) is every family’s nightmare. There are a variety of options for preventing a window from shattering, including security films, but a favorite option of our clients is security screens. Security screens provide security window features for New Orleans windows while allowing for ventilation.

It’s hot here in Louisiana. Many of us like to sleep with our windows open, so having a shatterproof film over your window glass might not be an effective measure of protection against burglary.

However, a security screen can protect you even if your window is open at night.

Security screens’ mesh material is made of a powerful metal alloy (the specific alloy used differs from screen to screen) and holds up to knives, crowbars, bats, mallets, and sometimes even gunshots.

We all hope we will never need a screen to protect ourselves against intruders who would carry those types of weapons, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A security screen can give you the freedom of airflow in your home while providing protection against intruders.

Wrought iron windows

As an iron works company in the area, we’re proud of the beautiful wrought iron security windows that we create for our clients. All our custom wrought ironwork is created for you, in-house, right here using only quality materials.

These residential Metal security windows can be infused with beautiful designs to match your home’s aesthetic, from floral patterns, to ornate designs, to traditional crosshatch bars.

Even if an intruder smashes your glass, they wouldn’t be able to break through your wrought iron window bars easily. These windows provide a strong deterrent and safety feature that can give you and your loved one’s peace of mind.

What about other window styles?

Metal Security Windows - Big Easy Iron Works

We don’t just offer security features for windows; we also provide homeowners with windows in many different styles.

For example, our double-hung windows allow easy cleaning of both the inside and outside of the window. The pane of these windows tilts in, allowing you to simply wipe down the outside surface before returning the window to its original position. You won’t need to climb a ladder to clean your windows anymore!

Give us a call to find out more about the different types of windows we offer, and how we can help you upgrade your home’s windows and security features.

The advantage of working with Big Easy Iron Works – We Aim to impress!

Our company is unique: not only are we an experienced ironworks company but we’re locally owned and operated right here in the city.

30 Years - Crescent Iron WorksWith over 30 years of experience, we take pride in providing great service and products to our community.

  • Local: All our custom wrought-iron work is created here in New Orleans with local professionals that are dedicated and passionate about their craft.
  • Professional: Our experts have been installing windows, doors, fences, and more for residents for over 30 years – so we’re aware of the unique challenges this area faces, from harsh weather to historical architecture.
  • Service-oriented: We also care deeply about our clients as our “neighbors,” and prioritize customer service because – well, that’s what good neighbors do.

When you call us, you’re calling more than an ironworks company; you’re calling a community-oriented company dedicated to providing you with solutions to your home security and improvement needs.

Window Tinting in New Orleans LA and Other Services

After installing window films or security windows in your New Orleans home, you may decide to invest in securing other areas of your home: your front door, your yard, or even your driveway.

Our company provides a variety of security-oriented services for your home needs, including:

  • Automatic wrought-iron driveway gates, which can keep intruders from approaching your house through the use of a pin-activated keypad that only opens for you and your trusted visitors
  • Custom wrought-iron fences that coordinate with your gate, windows, and doors, and provide an added layer of security to your yard
  • Security doors that are mounted deeply into your doorframe and built with shatterproof glass, to prevent intrusion through the front door
  • And more – call us to find out how we can help you!

About New Orleans

New Orleans is full of character, history, and personality. Whether you’re new to the city or you’ve been here 30 years (like us), there’s always something new to discover.

These are some of our favorite things to see and do in the NOLA area:

  • Laura Plantation: This unique historic plantation shows the old method of building a house on “stilts” to better survive our sometimes-extreme New Orleans weather. Take a tour through the buildings and grounds, and hear the stories of four generations of New Orleans residents from the 1800s and beyond.
  • The NOLA Museum of Art Sculpture Garden: Our city has one of the best art museums around, but if you want to really enjoy a unique art experience, don’t miss the outdoor sculpture garden. Here, NOLA Museum of Art curators take you on an international journey through modern sculptures that will make you think, encourage you to relax, and leave you in awe.
  • The French Quarter: Since this is one of the most well-known areas, ironically, it’s also one area many locals miss. It’s easy to say “Oh, I’ll go eventually” or “There will just be too many tourists.” This is one of the most-visited areas of our city for a reason, and whether you go alone or take a walking tour (there are ones with every type of theme, from historic to haunted, carriage rides and even food-tasting options) you have to go at least once in your time here.

Driving Directions

Big Easy Iron Works is located at 625 Celeste St Suite 504-E, New Orleans, LA, 18 minutes away from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Report and 13 minutes away from City Park.

From Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Report (15.8 miles):

Get on I-10 E from Terminal Dr: Head east on Terminal Dr, Continue straight to stay on Terminal Dr. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit and stay on Terminal Dr, Continue straight onto Loyola Dr, Take the ramp onto I-10 E.

Continue on I-10 E to New Orleans. Take exit 11 from US-90 BUS W: Merge onto I-10 E, Keep right at the fork to stay on I-10 E, follow signs for New Orleans Business Dist/Interstate 10 E. Keep left at the fork to continue on US-90 BUS W, follow signs for U.S. 90 Business/Westbank/U.S. 90/Superdome/Claiborne Ave. Take exit 11 toward Tchoupitoulas St/South Peters St/Napoleon Terminal

Take Tchoupitoulas St and Religious St to Celeste St: Merge onto Calliope St then Turn right onto Tchoupitoulas St, Continue onto Religious St, Turn right onto Celeste St – Destination will be on the right.

From City Park (7.8 miles):

Get on I-10 E from Harrison Ave and Pontchartrain Blvd: Head west on Harrison Ave toward Marconi Dr, Continue straight to stay on Harrison Ave.Keep right to stay on Harrison Ave, then Turn left onto Pontchartrain Blvd. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-10 E/New Orleans/Business Dist and merge onto I-10 E.

Follow I-10 E and US-90 BUS W to Calliope St. Take exit 11 from US-90 BUS W: Merge onto I-10 E, Keep left at the fork to continue on US-90 BUS W, follow signs for U.S. 90 Business/Westbank/U.S. 90/Superdome/Claiborne Ave then Take exit 11 toward Tchoupitoulas St/South Peters St/Napoleon Terminal

Take Tchoupitoulas St and Religious St to Celeste St: Merge onto Calliope St then Turn right onto Tchoupitoulas St. Continue onto Religious St then Turn right onto Celeste St – Destination will be on the right.


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