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Unique Interior Wrought-Iron Railings By Our New Orleans Railing Contractors

Stair and balcony railings are generally unremarkable and quite bland. Interior railings are usually painted the same color as a nearby wall or made of simple, finished wood.

And while they do provide some measure of safety and stability for children or the elderly, that’s about it.

But what if your interior railing could add personality to your home?

If you’re looking for a unique, standout feature for your house, consider installing a wrought-iron railing. Our interior railings will enhance the look and feel of your home, adding personality, flair and elegance, all without breaking the bank.

Best of all, they’ll last for years to come. Our wide range of ready-made and custom interior rail options means there’s something for just about every budget and style, helping you to create a uniquely stylish look with ease.

If you’re in the market for New Orleans style interior iron railings, give us a call to schedule a free estimate today. We love hearing from new customers and learning how we can help turn your ideas into reality!

About New Orleans Style Wrought Iron Railings

New Orleans is a city full of personality, art, and culture – and these qualities are quite often expressed in the unique interior designs found throughout homes in the city.

From Haitian art to French-style chandeliers, to bright colors and flashy embellishments, NOLA is home to a unique range of decor that stems from its diverse heritage.

Wrought Iron – interior railings and more!

Railings New Orleans - Crescent Iron WorksOne core element of New Orleans style is wrought iron. In the mid-1800s, wrought-iron styles became highly popular in both Spain and France, and from there made its way to the NOLA area. The beautiful craftsmanship displayed in New Orleans balconies and stairways survived for decades, and soon became a defining quality of our city. Wrought-iron railings boast our city’s deep, historical diversity and artistry.

Our affordable, elegant, and stylish ornamental interior railings can complement and bolster the aesthetic value and ambiance of your home, while also providing a long-lasting and durable alternative to wood and cheaper metal railings.

Benefits of wrought iron interior railings

Our wrought iron interior railings have many benefits for homeowners including:

  • Customized options made to spec or tailored to your design aesthetic, including twists, florals, hearts, and more ornamental designs)
  • Enhanced security and stability with the implementation of welded vs nailed joints. For example, if your child leans on your railing posts on a regular basis, a wrought-iron railing will last longer than a wood railing.
  • Bring your home up to code (secure railings are required for stairs and balconies)
  • Last for decades when properly cared for. While wood can chip away (and wood railing posts may become a teething magnet for pets and children), iron will retain its form and quality for years with simply a fresh coat of paint every 1-5 years.

Why wrought iron, and not some other metal?

Railings New Orleans - Crescent Iron Works

There are many reasons (aside from local style) that we offer wrought-iron railings over railings made from other metals:

  • Wrought-iron is softer than other metals such as cast iron, which makes the design and modeling process easier and also allow for superior customization. Yet, iron is also sturdier and has a longer lifespan than, say, aluminum.
  • When finished, a wrought-iron railing is stronger than cast iron and built to last.
  • Unlike an aluminum railing, which will almost certainly wear through or corrode in your lifetime, wrought iron railings can last many decades (if properly cared for, hundreds of years).

We believe wrought iron is the best option for providing a personal touch to your home without compromising quality.

Big Easy Iron Works has been providing high-quality wrought iron products to New Orleans residents for over 30 years. We believe your home should be a place that reflects your unique spirit, without sacrificing safety or functionality for your loved ones. Our workmen carefully create beautifully-crafted wrought iron railings for families who want to add a New Orleans touch to your home – and we’d love to help you enhance your decor with an iron railing, too. Just give us a call to find out how to get started!

Our local wrought iron experts

Custom Fabrication New Orleans - Crescent Iron WorksAt Big Easy Iron Works, we don’t just provide quality iron products to homeowners; we invest in the New Orleans community by providing standout services and excellent results for our customers.

We’re proud to be a locally-owned business in the NOLA metro area. In our three decades of operation, we’ve provided countless wrought iron fences, security doors, porch enclosures, railings, and more, adding personal style and practicality to New Orleans homes.

Here are a few reasons our professionals stand out:

  • Experience Quality Interior Railings: When you install distinctive wrought iron railings in your home, you’ll likely want your railings to be true to New Orleans-style design. Our railing contractor specializes in creating railings that reflect our city’s unmatched aesthetic.
  • Local Service: We’re just a call away. No outsourced call centers, no faceless corporations – we live here, just like you, and we’ll provide the personal service that you deserve.
  • Inexpensive, high-quality options: By creating all our custom ironwork in-house, we cut out the middleman. This allows us to provide high-quality work at an affordable and fair price to you.

When you work with us, you can rely on our team to deliver true New Orleans style wrought iron railings that fit your home and stand up to wear-and-tear.

Give us a call to set up your appointment for a free estimate today! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Other Services Available from us in NOLA

Once you’ve added New Orleans style iron posts and railings to your home’s interior, you may want to carry the wrought-iron motif to other areas of your home, landscape or driveway.

Our craftsmen offer a variety of wrought-iron products to improve your property. If you’re interested in adding New Orleans style to other rooms, doors, or even to your yard, just give us a call! Our professionals will help you select the styles and products that can provide maximum functionality while enhancing the curb appeal and cohesive design of your property.

Some of the other services we offer include:

  • Custom wrought-iron fences that can match or complement your interior railings, provide an added level of security to your home, and increase your homes market value.
  • Ornamental security doors that add a layer of iron-lace style to your entrance while thwarting break-ins, assaults, and burglaries
  • Wrought-iron exterior railings in similar (or exactly the same) design as those on the inside of your home, to add New Orleans style to a porch or balcony while preventing dangerous slips and falls
  • And more! Contact us for a full list of services we offer and to see what kind of solutions we have to help you reach your goals.

Driving Directions

Big Easy Iron Works is 14 minutes away from Voodoo Authentica and is 13 minutes away from Old Absinthe House.

Directions from Voodoo Authentica—Head northwest on Dumain St toward Royal St and then turn left at the 1st cross street onto Royal St and then turn left onto Conti St. Turn right onto Decatur St and continue onto Magazine St.

Directions from Old Absinthe House— Head northwest on Bienville St toward Bourbon St and then turn left onto N Rampart St then continue straight onto S Rampart St. Take St Charles Ave to Harmony St. Take Prytania St to Louisiana Ave and then turn left
at the 2nd cross street onto Louisiana Ave and turn right onto Magazine St.

About New Orleans

New Orleans is a city with unmatched cultural diversity and limitless energy. We’ve built our business here because we love living here – if you’ve just moved here, welcome! You’ve moved to an incredible city full of amazing people, history, entertainment and opportunity.

If you’re just getting settled in here, we recommend you stop by these local attractions to get to know the NOLA area a little better:

  • City Park: This is our first recommendation for any new NOLA resident. City Park, at 1,300 acres, is larger than Central Park in New York. It’s a fantastic place for spotting local wildlife, from turtles to crocodiles; in addition, it boasts the world’s oldest collection of living oak trees. Talk with park staff for more information on the history of this area and the types of animals you can expect to see on your walks here!
  • New Orleans Cemetery Tours: New Orleans has been the home to a number of famous and infamous people through history; many of them are interred in New Orleans cemeteries, and a cemetery tour can “introduce” you to them. Cemetery tours provide an opportunity to learn the stories of those who made New Orleans the city it is today.
  • Frenchmen Street: If you’re looking for a way to experience the culture and energy of Bourbon Street (and you don’t want to elbow your way through crowds of tourists), Frenchmen Street is the place to go. It’s full of local restaurants, antique shops, artists, and more, without the crowds of visitors that fill Bourbon Street. Head to Frenchmen Street for a relaxed night of dining and shopping on the town – New Orleans style.


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