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Big Easy Iron Works: Affordable Driveway Gate Installer in New Orleans, LA

Imagine this: your friends are on their way to your house, they pull up to your address, and are greeted by a grand wood or wrought-iron gate, swinging boldly open to reveal your front yard, driveway, and magnificent fences upon their arrival.

Impressive right? We think so too.

Here at Big Easy Iron Works,  with our automatic and custom gates, New Orleans residents are able to add a stately entrance to their driveway while enhancing their home security. Electric gates can generally only be opened by intercom, controller, or keypad, allowing you to keep solicitors and trespassers out while welcoming friends and family into your home.

With our beautiful wrought-iron and wood gates, you’ll not only increase your security, but you’ll also enhance the curb appeal and value of your home.

No matter what your design ideas, we can create gates to complement existing fences, architecture, and landscaping, so that your home has a cohesive design that matches your personality.

Keep reading to learn more about the types and styles of gates we offer, and how they can enhance your home:

Automatic Driveway Gate OptionsEntrance wrought iron gate to luxury house - Big Easy Iron Works

An automatic driveway gate (also known as an electric driveway gate) is similar to a garage door.

It opens with a keypad or card controller when you approach, adding security to your yard while creating a unique aesthetic.

There are several styles for iron driveway gates, including:

One gate that swings toward your home or garage when you approach

  • Single slide gates

An individual gate that slides to the right or to the left, usually along an adjacent fence, when you approach

Two gates, like French doors, that swing toward your home or garage when you approach

  • Double slide gates

Two gates that slide together to the right or to the left, usually along an adjacent fence, when you approach

The gate type best suited for your home or driveway will depend on the amount of space available as well as your goals. A swing gate requires more driveway-to-curb space but less side-to-side space, while “fences” require more side-to-side space but almost no driveway-to-curb space.

Why install a driveway gate for your New Orleans home?

Driveway electric gate installation can complement your home and landscape’s design, add aesthetic prominence to your residence, and boost the value of your property while adding a level of security with fences that can help you feel safe and secure.

Additionally, it allows you to control access to your property and enhances the privacy of your home by providing an elegant entrance enclosed by beautiful fences.

Below, we’ve listed a few reasons our customers ultimately decide to install a driveway gate with us:

Gates New Orleans - Crescent Iron Works

  • An automatic gate provides a barrier to trespassers, solicitors, and any unwanted visitors or anyone considering a break-in. It keeps your home from being an easy target.
  • Gates are a standout feature to add to your landscaping, and one of the very few landscaping features that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as tactically functional.
  • There’s not much maintenance required for an electric driveway gate, beyond oiling the gate’s hinges once a year.
  • Properly installed, a gate will last you many years of consistent service without issue.
  • Should something unusual happen to your gate, our local gate company answers repair calls promptly, giving you peace of mind about the continued functioning of your gate? Additionally, if your gate should malfunction, you won’t be trapped in or out of your home; as the owner of the gate, you’ll be able to switch on a “manual mode” to enter and exit until we arrive.
  • A gate can provide an added layer of safety for children and pets playing in your front yard, preventing them from running into the street.

We’ll work with you personally to ensure your new gate coordinates with your architecture, existing fencing, and landscaping, fitting perfectly into your personal style.

If you’re interested in installing a driveway gate, call us. We’d love to help you select the best design for your needs and begin constructing your new gate.

Local expertise and a track record you can rely on

Our team has been creating gates, fences, and other iron-wrought products in New Orleans for years. As fellow members of the community, it is our privilege to provide high-quality results for our “neighbors” just like you.

Other Services we Bring to the Table

If you’re thinking of upgrading other areas of your home, we provide a variety of services and products to suit your needs, including:

  • Plantation fences that add a historical touch to your property, while increasing safety and security
  • Storm doors beautifully crafted of wrought iron, to match or complement your gate and fence design
  • Porch enclosures or railings that add complexity to your porch while preventing dangerous slips and falls
  • And more! Give us a call to find out if we can help you with your next project.


“The gate was amazing! Thanks, guys, keep up the good work! Big Easy Iron Works was the best investment I ever made. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.”
– Ramonda Z. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I would be lost without Big Easy Iron Works’ gate installation. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I will refer everyone I know. It’s all good. ”
– Huntley A. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The gate is just amazing. Thanks, Big Easy Iron Works, keep up the good work!”
– Fan V. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Driving Directions

Big Easy Iron Works is 14 minutes away from Longue Vue House and Gardens and is 14 minutes away from Madame John’s Legacy.

Directions from Longue Vue House and Gardens— Continue to Metairie and then turn right onto Metairie Rd. Continue on Pontchartrain Blvd. Take I-10 E, S Claiborne Ave, and Louisiana Ave to Magazine St. Turn right onto Magazine St.

Directions from Madame John’s Legacy — Head northwest on Dumaine St toward Royal St. Turn left onto N Rampart St and continue straight onto S Rampart St. Take St Charles Ave to Magazine St and then turn right onto Magazine St.

About New Orleans

We’re proud to be a locally owned and operated New Orleans business!

Here are some of our favorite things to see and do in this city:

  • New Orleans Museum of Art: This museum proudly houses tens of thousands of works of art from around the world, including a significant number of pieces from New Orleans residents. From classic Degas to modern photography, this museum has something for every art-lover.
  • NOLA Comedy Hour at the Hi-Ho Lounge: New Orleans has a lively comedy scene, and if you’re interested in seeing some of the phenomenal stand-up comedy in our city, the Hi-Ho Lounge is a great place to start. Head over every Sunday at 8 PM for a drink, a meal, and a few good laughs.
  • Barataria Preserve: In New Orleans, we share our city with wildlife. Barataria Preserve is a fantastic place to see some of our local animal life in its natural habitat. If you’re new to the area, start with a guided tour with a park ranger to learn to recognize some of our most unique and interesting species.

Business information

Big Easy Iron Works
625 Celeste St Suite 504-E,
New Orleans, LA 70130

What Our Clients Say

“Great job on the iron gates! I can’t believe they finished installing the iron gate and repairing our fence. A lot of my neighbors recommended Big Easy Iron Works and I can see why they trust them so much. Very professional workers came and the owner checked up from time to time. Great experience.”

– Vanessa Johnson

“You have my respect for Big Easy Iron Works! Thank you for staying true to your word about quality service. They helped install our new iron fence and it exceeded my expectations to be honest. They explained everything they would be doing every day of the job. I really recommend them for those living in New Orleans. Hire them for your fencing needs.”

– Billy Anderson

“I contacted Big Easy Iron Works because most of my neighbors recommended them to me. I am satisfied with the time that they took to finish the work repairs with my wood fence. The fences they placed turned out nice and they looked like they would last longer. I would also recommend them to my friends in New Orleans.”

– Shirley Oaks