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New Orleans Quick Release Fire Exit Door - Stay Safe in an Emergency

Fire Exit New Orleans - Crescent Iron WorksFire exits can be difficult to secure. By law, windows and doors that are designated “fire exits” for a building have to be easy to open in an emergency – which generally means they’re left unlocked. However, for some facilities (and for homes) leaving a door or window unlocked is a security risk. An unlocked fire exit is an easy break-in target, but a locked fire exit could be deadly.

Is there a middle ground? Thankfully, there is.

Big Easy Iron Works can craft and install a quick-release fire exit door for you, and if your fire exits happen to be windows, we’ll provide quick-release burglar bars made to accommodate any shape or size. Such mechanisms are designed to be unlocked from the inside through a single smooth motion, even while locked from the outside. They provide fire safety without compromising security from external risks such as burglars.

For added safety, we can also create glazed fire exit doors – heavy exit doors with easy-open handles and burglar-proof windows. The windows, while resisting break-ins, can increase your day-to-day safety by providing increased visibility. And in case of fire, light from a fire-exit window can provide a natural and well-lit guide towards a safe escape route.

If you’re interested in a quick-release fire exit door or window bar, give us a call today! We can answer your questions and offer a free estimate for the cost of securing your home.

What is an emergency egress lock?

An emergency egress lock is simply a lock that allows a quick exit during an emergency, generally using a single action to both unlock and open a fire exit.

Emergency egress door handles

A quick-release fire exit door can be locked from the outside but remains perpetually unlocked from the inside. They can come in the form of bars or traditional-looking door handles.

Doors with emergency egress locks are equipped with a deadbolt or handle lock that can be secured like a traditional lock; however, when the door handle is turned from the inside, the lock is temporarily disabled to allow a quick and easy fire exit. Some models (like handle and panic-bar locks) re-engage their lock once the door is closed again.

Quick release burglar bars

Quick release burglar bars use the same concept as the emergency egress door handles to secure windows. Burglar bars are fit into your window and locked shut to prevent forced entry. For fire escape, a handle extends from the bars to the interior; pulling this handle opens the burglar bars in one sweeping motion. Burglar bars are made to be opened by children and adults alike in case of emergency.

Why should I equip my New Orleans business or home with a fire escape door?

With a traditional locked door, you have to use at least two motions to open it: one to unlock the door, and one to open it.

These two motions can be difficult (making this type of door dangerous) during a fire escape if you’re:

  • Emergency Door - Crescent Iron WorksCarrying someone else
  • Weak from lack of oxygen
  • Injured
  • Shaking from adrenaline
  • Racing the clock
  • Unable to turn the lock completely

These types of situations are twice as dangerous for children and the elderly.

In the past, the preferred solution was leaving a door unlocked. However, burglars quickly learned that fire exits made perfect break-in entries.

That’s why the emergency egress lock was created. Emergency egress door locks solved the problem of needing a lock that opened in one motion, giving businesses and homes an alternative to leaving one entrance unsecured.

If you’re ready to secure your home or business, call us. As one of New Orleans’ trusted door suppliers, we take pride in providing quality, safe, and attractive fire exit solutions for homes and businesses in our community.

Our local reputation

Our iron works company has been proudly serving the NOLA metro area for over 30 years. We provide everything from aesthetic picket fences to secure wrought-iron fences, as well as security doors, storm doors, patio enclosures, and more.

Our experts appreciate the opportunity to use their skills to improve the safety, functionality, and beauty of homes and businesses.

When you work with us, here are a few things you can expect:

  • Reliable customer satisfaction: We’re not satisfied until you are. Our company is reputable in this area because we work to make sure you’re happy with your final result.
  • Unparalleled expertise: With 30 years of experience in this area, our professionals are deeply knowledgeable about the unique challenges that New Orleans faces. From severe weather to unique architecture, they’ve seen it all – and they bring that knowledge and experience to every project we take on.
  • Professional service: We schedule our work around when you’re available, show up on time, finish efficiently, and clean up after ourselves. It’s important to us that your time and your property are respected, and we strive to show that in our work.

We believe you deserve nothing but the best, and that’s what we provide: top service and professional expertise for our customers. Call us for your next project – we’ll be happy to help.

Other Services

There are few things more important than your family and customers’ safety and security. Once you’ve installed your fire exit doors, you may start considering other ways you can increase your safety.

Here are a few other security- and safety-oriented services we offer:

  • Security doors and security screens that are shatter-proof, knife-proof, and crowbar-proof, to prevent burglary or assault
  • Wrought-iron railings for inside and outside your home, to prevent dangerous falls
  • Security windows that keep children from leaning too far out an open window and falling a dangerous distance
  • And more – call us for information on all the services we offer, and to discuss how we can best serve you.

About New Orleans

New Orleans is a beautiful, vibrant city. If you’ve recently moved here, welcome! We’re glad to have you, and we know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Here are a few of our favorite places around the NOLA metropolitan area:

  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas: With over 500 species and over 10,000 animals, this amazing aquarium focuses on animals native to Louisiana: there’s even a Mississippi River exhibit and a Gulf of Mexico exhibit. You can teach the kids about the animals that call New Orleans their home and discover a few new species yourself.
  • Royal Carriage Tour: There’s nothing like the French Quarter, and no better way to see it than a Royal Carriage Tour. Ride through the area in a romantic horse-drawn carriage while your tour guide tells stories from New Orleans’ history. If you’re just getting to know our area, this is a great way to learn some history while seeing some of our most famous tourist attractions.
  • Laura Plantation: Two hundred years ago, this plantation was a family home. Today, it’s been restored to its historical appearance, with regular tours of the home and grounds available to visitors. This plantation provides an immersive historical learning experience your family won’t forget.

Driving Directions

Big Easy Iron Works is located at Magazine St., 13 minutes away from Lafitte Greenway and 9 minutes away from Audubon Zoo.

From Lafitte Greenway(3.7 miles):

Take Lafitte Ave to N Claiborne Ave: Head northeast on N Prieur St toward Lafitte Greenway Trail and turn right onto Lafitte Ave.

Take US-90 W and Louisiana Ave to Magazine St: Turn right onto N Claiborne Ave and turn right onto N Claiborne Ave. Keep left to stay on US-90 W. Turn left onto Toledano Ave. Continue onto Louisiana Ave. Turn right onto Magazine St.

From Audubon Zoo (2.4 miles): Head northeast toward East Dr and turn left onto East Dr. Turn right onto Magazine St.


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