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  • Railings: A Barrier that Doesn’t Disturb Your View

    Railings: A Barrier that Doesn’t Disturb Your View Blog-Image

    Are you an outdoor enthusiast who aims for very attractive decks or balconies to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful mountain or water views from the comforts of your home?

    To help you accomplish this goal, you have to consider one important element in your construction—railings that don’t disturb your view.

    It may be the least noticeable part of your project, but it will provide you the optimum outdoor experience from any place on your deck or balcony, even when you are sitting.

    Unobtrusive railings are an ideal choice that can be customized and designed to blend perfectly with the overall deck or balcony design of your home.

    Types of Railings

    A railing is typically a barrier consisting of a rail and supports.

    They are functional features of a home that can be purposeful, practical, and aesthetic depending on the railing situation that you need.

    Although they can serve as a design element that adds to the character and aesthetic appeal of the space, they have to be designed and constructed to perform their functions effectively.

    It is crucial that they should be made efficiently from durable and reliable materials that are appropriate for the conditions of the location where they are used.

    There are two primary types of railing intended to function in many important ways such as:

    • To establish a physical separation
    • Offer security
    • Provides a handhold for those who need a little extra stability
    • Serving as a visual and physical reminder to proceed with care

    The two primary types of railings are:


    Handrails function as a solid handhold. They are meant to be grasped as you travel from one position to another.

    Because of their intended function, they should be strong enough to provide stability and a secure handhold to prevent falls if you happen to stumble or lose your balance.

    Stairway with handrails - Big Easy Iron Works

    They are generally found along stairways, ramps, long stretches of a hallway, walkways, decks, and balconies.


    Guardrails are built to protect people from danger in many situations. They are used in homes and along roadways with specific functions.

    In home construction, guardrails are used to prevent people from falling off a platform, deck, or landing.

    They must be built strong enough to resist breaking when there is an impact or when people lean on it and to provide a handhold for support.

    Most guardrails are built for both functional and aesthetic purposes in a home. To achieve this purpose, there are designs of railings that don’t disturb your view of the outdoors.

    Types of Railings for Form, Function, and Flair

    Railings can be the finishing touch that can add character and breathe a new perspective for your deck or balcony and your staircase.

    The different types and designs of railings that don’t disturb your view offer style, function, and safety while providing you a pleasant experience of the outdoors, whether you’re at a beach front or on rolling hills or mountain sides.

    Check these types of railings that can help you make a wise choice for your home addition:


    Typical wood railings that don’t disturb your view has posts, pickets, and a top and bottom rail. Choose the wider-spaced and short pickets that provide ample space for your view.
    You can design a wood railing that will frame your view to create that perfect look outdoors.

    Patio Area with Puget - Big Easy Iron Works

    You can also have balusters and post caps to boost aesthetic appeal by letting them be carved into decorative shapes that complement the style of your home.


    An unobstructed view with metal railings can be designed like wood with posts and pickets that are wider-spaced. The benefits of this material include:

    • Variety of colors and styles, including square, round, and baroque
    • Both strong and stylish
    • Easier to maintain
    • Inexpensive

    You can choose between wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. It may not showcase your view as well as the glass or cable railings, but it costs much cheaper and creates its own classic statement.


    The perfect choice for a deck or balcony with a view, the minimal look of glass adds a sleek and modern appeal to your railings. They are usually installed with an aluminum post and rail frame and tempered with polished edges for safety.

    Stone stairway with modern glass - Big Easy Iron Works

    Because of the intricacies of the installation of glass railings, they are more expensive and should be done by a professional.


    One of the most excellent choices for a railing that doesn’t disturb your view, a cable railing with an open design will let you enjoy your scenic vista and the breeze.

    The unique horizontal arrangement of the cables combined with either a wood or metal frame creates a modern and traditional style. You can also get custom designs for unique applications.

    Cable railings are practically maintenance-free and strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions because they are made with Marine Grade stainless steel wire.

    Railings With Your View in Mind

    There are great options for railings that don’t disturb your view or obstruct the stunning scene beyond your deck or porch.

    Sleek glass panels, minimalist cables, and widely picketed metal or wood railings can make a huge difference in providing you memorable experiences with the natural wonder that surrounds your home.

    Get a custom railing to complement your home by calling us at Big Easy Iron Works.

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