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  • 5 Types and Benefits of an Automatic Gate

    5 Types and Benefits of an Automatic Gate Blog-Image

    Fences and gates add value and security to your property. It’s also your main control for access to who goes in and out and serves as a point of entry to your space and an opening in a fence.

    Since the first invention of electric gates in 1881, the benefits of automatic gates have also evolved, adapting to the needs of homeowners and commercial property owners to increase the convenience of opening and closing an entry point structure.

    The simple benefits of the first automatic gates included a design that provided reliability and ease of use with the use of the hydraulic system.

    Today electric gates come with many special features that have made the need for them ever-increasing.

    How Does an Automatic Gate Work?

    The automatic gate moves by a remote control that sends an impulse to the control unit that activates the motor. The control unit also detects other signals such as those of the photocells.

    Automatic gates use electric motors to open and close gates through the use of a transmitter from the comfort of a car.

    Nowadays, the automatic gate system has improved and developed with different kinds of features that increase the product cost and require a skillful and trained person to install the mechanism of the gate.

    The special features of automatic gates that give them their many benefits include:

    • Ability to be linked to key card readers and systems.
    • Automated gate operator
    • Use of an actuator to control the movement of the gate automatically
    • Use of remote control convenience
    • Performs gyrations by open, auto-reverse, stop, fully close, and stop.

    Come in different types of mechanisms

    Types of Automatic Gates according to Mechanism

    You can make your home automatically safer and protect your property from theft and burglary with an electric gate that comes in different types depending on your choice of mechanism.

    Automatic gates can be operated in a variety of ways like remotes, cards, and wirelessly. You can customize your automatic gate according to the type of convenience that you desire.

    1. Swing gate

    Swing gates can be made of wood or iron and can be wirelessly operated with a controller or a driveway gate opener to swing inwards or backward.

    They make a great statement for your home—they’re stylish, giving your house a boost in aesthetic appeal while protecting your family.

    The gates swing inward, so make sure you provide sufficient space to accommodate the proper function of a single or double swing gate.

    • Single panel swing gate

    A gate that you can use for small household applications

    • Double panel swing gate

    For larger private and commercial use or homeowners with a larger area of the property that requires a large entrance or with a large driveway.

    2. Sliding gate

    benefits of automatic gatesSliding gates are the most popular and conventional form of automatic gates easily operated via a motor.

    They are ideal for busy streets where the gate won’t take up much space when it is opening or closing.

    For small residences with less space or a smaller driveway, this is the best option.

    Sliding gates take up less energy as compared to swinging gates. The motor used is simple with a chain attached to the engine that pulls and closes the gate.

    3. Automated gates

    All these gates have built-in technology and proximity centers that measure and detect how close a vehicle is to the gate.

    The type of automation used depends on the kind of entrance and the level of technology used.

    4. Battery-operated gates

    This is a viable option if you have frequent power issues in your area since you can get 24/7 functionality of your gate with a small battery.

    5. Solar-powered gates

    You can reduce energy bills with the use of solar-powered gates that can be installed anywhere since they utilize free energy from the sun.

    Enjoy a gate that will not fail to function even during power outages.

    This means that you don’t have to leave your car unattended or feeling vulnerable, especially late at night or in areas with a high crime rate.

    6 Benefits of Installing an Automatic Gate on your Property

    • Safety

    Automatic gates are great for people who want to keep their pets and children safe. They also make it easier to control the entrance and exit of your home, so you can avoid traffic dangers that may harm people nearby.

    Automatic gate options come in many different shapes, sizes, and heights – making them perfect for any property!

    • Increases your property value

    A security automatic gate can increase the value of your home property by $50,000.

    This is because of how the device boosts the curb appeal of your home and increases the security of your property.

    You can consult with a local pro or a real estate agent about the potential ROI benefits of your automatic gate.

    • The lower monthly premium on your insurance

    Many insurance companies decrease insurance costs on the property when you have a security gate, automatic or not.

    The main reason for this is the decrease in risk of theft and vandalism in your property with a security gate installed.

    • Cost-Effective

    Automatic gates cost less than a penny to run because they do not need a lot of energy to activate the motor to move.

    Even the keypad, intercom, and sensors will not use a considerable amount of energy from the motor to function.

    If you install a solar automatic gate, you won’t have to spend a single cent on the consumption of energy because free energy from the sun is all you need for your gate to open and close.

    • Can be linked to key card readers and touchpad systems

    This mechanism allows you to leave the gate unmanned and still allow entry to people with the right clearance.

    You can also use this system for computerized entry and exit logs to record everyone that comes and goes through your gate.

    • Convenience

    The most obvious benefit that you can get from your automatic gate is the convenience of not having to physically open the gate in order to gain entry into your driveway and home.

    It is most convenient, especially during rainstorms or other unfavorable weather conditions. You can choose from a variety of unlocking mechanisms like remote control, card readers, keypads, or sensors.

    An Automatic Gate for your Driveway is a Worth the Investment

    The benefits of installing an automatic gate for your driveway outweigh the upfront costs that you will be spending.

    Your investment in an automatic gate will offer you extra protection and security while providing convenience, increased property value, and added curb appeal with a variety of styles and designs to make it work with the home and landscape design of your property.

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