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  • 5 Valuable Tips For the Right Home Gates

    5 Valuable Tips For the Right Home Gates Blog-Image

    Gates help set the boundary of your property while providing entrances and exits.

    Choosing the right home gates can also set a first good impression for onlookers.

    Gates does not only increase curb appeal but it can also increase your property value.

    How do you decide on the best home gate for you?

    1. What Is The Function Of Your House Gate?

    Knowing the function of your gate can help you narrow down your pool of choices.

    If you are looking for decorative gates, you can focus more on design and what material you should get.

    If it’s for entrances or exits, you can consider more options for opening mechanisms.

    Deciding on a privacy gate can also direct you to what material can give more privacy to you and your home.

    2. Where Will You Locate Your Gate?

    Determining the location is one factor you can consider in choosing your home gates.

    Will it be beside the streets or at the back of your house? Location can dictate how big or wide your gate can be.

    Here are gate categories based on common locations.

    Side Gates

    As the name denotes, you place side gates for side entrances of your property or garden. It can be 3 to 4 feet wide.

    Its height can be 4 to 5 feet depending on how high you would want it to. You can attach locks or latches to bolt your side gate close.

    Gate Home - Big Easy Iron Works

    Garden Gates

    You can add garden gates to your landscaping designs and customize it to blend well with your fence.

    Like front or back gates, garden gates can be 3 to 4 feet or wider. It can be as high as 5 feet especially if it will be for pedestrian use.

    Remember that these gates will always be in motion because of frequent use.

    Garden Gates - Big Easy Iron Works

    Driveway Gates

    Driveway gates are often located on either the front or the back of properties. Homeowners install gates for parking of cars in their parking area or yards.

    These gates should be able to fit most vehicles so they can be 10 to 12 feet wide.

    If you are not sure how wide your driveway should be, you can start with measuring. If your driveway measures less than 10 feet, you can install at least a 10 feet gate.

    A 12 feet gate can work for driveways between nine feet and eleven feet, nine inches wide.

    3. What Material Do You Want For Your Gate?

    Choosing the right gate material for you can make a difference. This will affect the design and visuals.

    You can pick a material like a fence you currently have or plan to have in the future. It can blend in with your house or landscaping.

    Different materials need different maintenance.
    You can choose one that you can take care of and in the event of repairs, it will help if the material is easy to fix.

    Metal Gates

    Metal gates can either be aluminum or steel. Aluminum is the more lightweight and weather-resistant material.

    On the downside, it can be less strong than steel and can be hollow or thin. Steel is stronger and more attractive than aluminum.

    Metal Gates - Big Easy Iron Works

    Wooden Gates

    Wooden gates are still popular. You can have a unique gate because no wood looks the same. It is easy to place anywhere because it can complement its surroundings well.

    You can have a wooden side gate or a wooden fence gate and it will look great.

    You can choose from many hardwood or softwood varieties like pine, teak, oak, or cedar.

    Vinyl Gates

    Just like other vinyl counterparts, vinyl gates are easy to maintain and clean. It can also come in the lightest colors you might not find in other materials, like beige or weight.

    You can also choose from different styles like privacy, pickets, or lattice gates. It does not rot or rust but low-quality gates can be prone to discoloration.

    Wrought Iron Gates

    Wrought iron is a great material for ornamental gates and can give off classic looks. You can request customized designs on these gates as well.

    Wrought iron is very durable and can resist rust.

    But it can still form rust especially when it’s the outer coating gets damaged and exposes the iron. Real wrought iron is expensive so other manufacturers mold steel to look like it.

    4. What Is Your Gate’s Opening Mechanism?

    It might seem tricky but you can decide on what opening mechanism based on space.

    A maneuvering clearance is a must for doors, doorways, and gates so anyone can open it safely.

    Sliding Gate

    Sliding gates are an option for those with limited spaces but would need wide gates for driveways.

    The sliding movement can also make it easy for anyone to open it if you choose manual. There are cheap driveway gates that are sliding and automatic as well.

    Swinging Gate

    Swing gates are common for most homes.

    It can also be either manual or automatic types. You can also choose if it will be a single swing that moves in one direction or double swing that goes both ways.

    5. Other Factors To Consider About House Gates

    There are special circumstances that might not apply to most people but are specific to you. Here are other things you can influence which home gates are the best for you.

    Driveway Gates: Vehicle Sizes Matter

    As mentioned before, driveway gates can be 10 to 12 feet wide.

    For larger vehicles like RVs or hauling vehicles, a wider gate can be necessary. It also makes sense for driveways with different angles or with sharp curves.

    Customizing Your Gate

    Designing your gate is possible with many options.

    You can help it improve outdoor areas by installing a pergola or arbor over the gate. Turning a part of your gate into a window can also help add variety to gates.

    Your gate is a valuable addition to your property and choosing the right one can help ease living. There are many choices for you and for quality gate installation, call experts.

    To know more about gates, our Big Easy Iron Works is your ideal source.

    We’ve been serving New Orleans residents with a variety of services such as gate installation as well as iron products including fences, security windows, and railings.

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