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  • Which is The Best Fence Type For Your Home?

    Which is The Best Fence Type For Your Home? Blog-Image

    There’s no denying that installing a fence improves not only the safety and privacy in your home but also the curb appeal.

    Some fences just provide a break between the street traffic and your house, while others are made to add extra security and keeping pets contained. There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to fence installation.

    Luckily for you, we have pulled together the information you need to pick the right fence for your needs


    Uses of Fence

    Plantation Fence New Orleans -

    Before deciding how large the fence should be or the material it should be made of, it is important to first determine its application:

    Privacy – if you reside in a crowded neighborhood, you may want a fence that breaks up the line of sight.

    Security – any kind of fence can create a barrier between you and the outside world, but those made of wrought iron or aluminum provide greater security.

    Contain Pets – Keeping your pets in your property and other animals out is easy with an ideal fence. It just needs to be tall enough that your pets cannot jump over, and be free of gaps or openings that may allow their escape. Vinyl and aluminum are the most popular options for this application.

    Keep in mind that many fences can provide a combination of security and privacy. In this case, you may want a New Orleans fence installation professional to assess your needs and offer the right solution.


    Types of Fences in New Orleans


    Aluminum Fencing

    Aluminum is the most basic and appealing type.

    While it doesn’t provide the best form of security, it is maintenance-free and can look like any other fencing type discussed in this reading. You can choose to paint or decorate it in any way you wish.


    Wood Fencing

    Wood Fence New Orleans - Crescent Iron Works

    This is another popular option in the state.

    Wood fencing not only gives you a sense of privacy, but it is one of the most appealing options in the industry.

    It gives you a warm and welcoming feeling without having to break the bank. Keep in mind that the size and height of the fence will have a great impact on the price. The more lumber you choose, the more expensive the project.


    PVC Fencing

    PVC is without a shadow of a doubt the cheapest way to fence your yard.

    It uses PVC to replace wooden pickets and stakes and even though they are not as sturdy, they undoubtedly serve their purpose.

    The fence posts are PVC sleeves that are added to wooden posts in order to increase stability while reducing the cost of the project.

    PVC fencing comes in an array of colors and heights and can sometimes be attached with adhesive or screws to cross the bars.


    Vinyl Fencing

    Apart from cost, vinyl fencing is kind in all other aspects.

    As a matter of fact, some manufacturers say it is almost 5 times stronger and more flexible compared to its wooden counterparts.

    This type of fencing resists paints and is maintenance-free. All you need is soap and a hose to make it look like new.

    Vinyl fence installation may have a higher upfront cost, but due to its long lifespan and low maintenance costs, it comes out as cheaper compared to other materials.


    Iron Fencing

    iron fence in New Orleans - Big Easy Iron Works

    When you come across houses with funky designs on top of the fences, usually, the owners picked wrought iron.

    Wrought iron is both appealing and strong, but it calls for regular keep up. If you wish to retain its appeal, you need to have it sanded and repainted every 2 to 3 years.

    It is also worth noting that wrought iron fences are tailor-made, and thus, don’t come cheap.

    If you reside in New Orleans and have been considering installing a fence, here are a few reasons why wrought iron should be your top choice:

    Easy Installation – Most wrought-iron manufacturers serve the DIY market and the fences are designed in panels.

    This makes it so easy to install that you can do so in just one weekend. This is one of the reasons many people go for wrought iron.

    All you need is to set the posts 7ft apart, utilize a horizontal frame for the bracket, and then screw it on the post.

    Security- This is the primary concern when it comes to fencing, and wrought iron proves to be the best material for such.

    Having a strong iron fence acts as a deterrent to uninvited guests. You can ideally go for automatic openers for your gate in order to enhance security plus convenience.

    Durability- Iron is long-lasting and more durable than any other material on this list.

    A fence made of wrought iron is not just resistant to daily wear and tear, but it’s capable of withstanding unforeseen damage like a vehicle crash. You want your fence to last and that’s why this is an ideal option.


    The Different Styles of Iron Fences

    Sliding Gate New Orleans - Crescent Iron Works

    Wrought iron fencing comes in an array of styles that you may find attractive including:


    Smooth Rail – It’s a contemporary design that adds horizontal rods on spears. They are then given a few accessory pickets.


    Picket Fence – This is the most popular iron fence style. It consists of at least two horizontal rails where pickets are evenly installed. You can interchange the short and long pickets in order to add flavor to your fencing.


    Hairpin Style – This is a traditional fencing style that’s still popular today. It is similar to the picket style, but the rails face downward to create a reversed U shape, which looks like an open hairpin.


    Bow – This style differs from the hairpin in terms of size. The bow design is created by having bigger and wider fence panels.



    There are many fencing styles, as seen above, each with distinct benefits and downsides.

    The most important thing is to assess your needs and consider your budget. There is a fence for every price and it boils down to what you need. For the best results, consider getting in touch with Big Easy Iron Works.

    We will work for hand in hand to ensure you have the best fence material and style for your property.

What Our Clients Say

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