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  • Solar Screens: An Innovative Energy-Efficient Solution

    Solar Screens:  An Innovative Energy-Efficient Solution Blog-Image

    Solar screens are cost-effective, and energy-efficient alternative fixtures for your glazing needs at home or any structure that needs to be protected from the glaring brightness and heat of the sun. 

    They can be installed as part of your new home or business structure construction or as part of a renovation or upgrade project. 

    Solar screens are indeed one of the most highly recommended fixture upgrades for home energy efficiency.  

    Even the Energy Department has included it in the list of energy-efficient window attachments.

    The Anatomy of Solar Screens

    Solar screens look similar to regular insect screens but are manufactured to be more efficient in reducing solar heat, UV damage, and glare.  

    They are a type of window or door covering attached to manage sunlight and provide additional weatherproofing.  They are made of durable materials that can resist the elements, including a treated aluminum frame that is sealed to be rust- and corrosion-resistant.

    Solar screens are manufactured in two ways:

    Solar screen rolls or solar roller shades

    Solar screen fixed panels

    Solar Screens can be installed in various ways:

    Solar Screen Installation - Big Easy Iron Works

    Internal solar screen

    Interior solar screens are solar screen rolls similar in structure to window blinds. They are also called interior solar shades or interior roll down shades and work best by creating an insulation layer for your windows or doors.  You can choose from different shades like dark-colored solar screens and light-colored solar screens.  

    Colors have a significant effect on the general function of a solar screen. White solar screens work well for reflecting sunlight the best, but you can also get solar screens with special coatings that reflect the maximum amount of sunlight.

    Exterior solar screens 

    Exterior solar screens for windows prevent the sunlight from hitting. Solar screens that are installed outside the window can be tacked on the exterior of the window or hung outside with an air gap.  The first creates an insulation layer making a room cooler, while the second option does not create an insulation layer at the window but also creates a maximum cooling effect.

    Materials that make up a solar screen:

    PVC-coated polyester – the solar screens are coated with PVC using an extrusion process, which results in thicker yarns.

    PVC-coated fiberglass – has a reflective metallic finish on one side, and the solar screens are drip coated and heat cured.

    Metallicized PVC-coated fiberglass or reflective screens – a new design that reduces solar heat gain with its reflective side facing out, and reduces radiant heat loss during winter when you can make the reflective side face inward.  Solar screens made with this material are often used in commercial buildings.

    Uses of a solar screen:


    Layer of insulation

    Protection from the sun’s UV rays

    Keep out insects, birds, and dust when the window or door is open

    Benefits of solar screens

    benefits of solar screens - Big Easy Iron Works

    Combat the heat of the sun

    Solar screens keep your home or business establishment’s interior cool and comfortable.  Prevents 90% of sunlight from touching the glass of your windows and doors, so they prevent your windows and your residential or commercial space from heating up.

    The use of air conditioners will be minimized.  You won’t have to run your air conditioner the whole length of hours while the sun is out.  Turning your air conditioner down will give you significant energy savings and lower your energy costs a great deal.

    Provides a view while functioning

    Solar screens block only 15%-40% visibility (depends on the fabric selected).  The greater openness factor of these types of screens, according to the Energy Department,  increases visibility and light transmission.  They typically allow a view out the window or door. The small meshes will not block your view to enjoy the outside scenery. 

    Minimal light reduction

    Keep those indoor plants happy and healthy.  Plants inside your home or business space that need sunshine will still enjoy the energizing rays of the sun because solar screens do not entirely block the light from the sun.  

    Allow airflow into your space

    Your family and guests can enjoy the cool breeze from outside during times of the day when the air is relatively cooler.  So, feel free to open those windows to let the cooler air in.

    An affordable option

    Solar screens can be installed DIY.  This means that they can easily be cut to fit any window or door while being held by a simple frame and mounting hardware for the solar screen panels.  They have a relatively low cost compared to other window coverings.

    The average amount of overall solar screen cost would equate to about $7.50 per square foot.  Kukun Home Intelligence broke down the amount to:

    Material cost: $40 – $280 per window/door

    Labor cost: $75 – $200 per window/door

    Total cost for a solar screen – $115 – $480 per window/door

    Windows and Coverings stated that solar screen fixed panels are amongst the most economical solutions to solar shading or heat gain issues.

    Easy to clean and Maintain

    Maintaining your solar screen with regular cleaning is easy.  Unclipping solar screens that can be taken down takes seconds.  You can hose them down with mild soap and water or wash with dampened cloth, then scrub gently, rinse, and wipe with a dry cotton cloth.  

    Depending on the type of solar screen you have, you can clean them while they are in place, or take them down so you can more thoroughly clean them.


    The fabric used to make solar screens has a high strength that can withstand external force and is flame retardant, UV-resistant, and temperature resistant. 


    Solar screens are available in different types.  You can choose from solar control films, roll-up semi-transparent solar window screens, louvered metal solar screens, outdoor motorized solar shades, operable external louver blinds, automatic retractable shades, and Solar screen DIY.

    Solar screen fabric is also available in many different colors, styles, and openness factors to meet almost any criteria providing notable benefits while highlighting or blending into the design of your space.

    Energy and Cost Efficiency of Solar Screens

    For a small investment, sun blocking window solar screens are very effective in keeping the heat out of your home and commercial space.  You save on energy costs while making a room more comfortable during hot summer days.  

    Solar screen shades successfully block infrared, visible spectrum, and ultraviolet rays.  The result is a dramatic reduction in room temperature and radiant light, and they do not just serve a function, but they can be a fashion statement as well. Did you find this article helpful? You can read more of our blogs and learn about the things that you want to know! Visit Big Easy Iron Works blog today. 

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