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  • Why Iron Doors Can Help Manage Your Energy Bill

    Why Iron Doors Can Help Manage Your Energy Bill Blog-Image

    They say that when one door closes, another one opens.

    This is a very famous mantra when taken figuratively.

    But what if we take it in a literal sense? What if the door in question is not of the best quality. Would things still run smoothly for you?

    Homeowners and businesses are always in the search for improving securities.

    This is not surprising because our homes basically hold our most precious and valued belongings.

    And logically, doors as the gateway to these structures should always be top-notch.

    And with the advancement of technology and engineering, gone are the days when doors are just slabs of wood put together.

    Now, there are even better options such as an iron door that can help manage your energy bill.

    Door installation today has been significantly improved compared to years and decades ago.

    A major reason for this push is the dismal crime statistics.

    According to research and statistics, there are approximately more than 2.5 million burglaries annually in the United States, where 66% of which account for break-ins.

    And so today, you would often see different kinds of doors made from different materials.

    Each having its own advantage from one another, but all for better home security. There are doors made of the classic wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and steel or iron, and even security doors.

    Security Door

    5 Reasons Why Iron Door is Energy Efficient

    Before delving into the efficiency of an iron door, let us first understand what it is.

    In the most basic definition, an iron door is a kind of door made from metal or iron.

    Interchangeably, it is called a wrought iron door because it is made from a specific type of iron which is malleable and tough, and fit for forging.

    Oftentimes, you would see a wrought iron used not just for doors but also for gates, nails, rivets, and gates.

    It is popularly used for these things because of its toughness while still being malleable.

    But how are iron doors exactly energy efficient? How does it help save energy?

    1. Reduces weather or temperature transfer.

    It keeps summer and winter at bay! Basically, an iron door is well sealed and insulated that the dreadful heat of summer won’t be able to seep that much inside your house. Inversely, when it is winter, the cold weather won’t be able to freeze you down. The cold never bothered you anyway?

    Now how does this help you reduce energy bills? Well for sure, you don’t have to use the AC or heater so much because the temperature inside your house is kept to its normal level.

    2. Allows natural light.

    A great advantage that you can get from an iron door is how very easy it is to be customized. That is something you cannot really take advantage of from a wooden wood.

    A popular way of customizing it is by adding insulated glass. Because glass can be incorporated in your iron door, natural light from the sun can pass through. Turning on the light inside the house during the day wouldn’t really be necessary. You can definitely read a good book while reading inside the house.

    Security Doors3. Air leakage prevention.

    This can be associated with the reduction of weather transfer. Do you know that unwanted gaps, even the smallest ones, can affect the temperature inside your house?

    Obvious spaces and gaps like windows aren’t the sole regulators for the heat gained and lost inside the house. Unknown to many, even gaps from unsealed doors can contribute to air leakage.

    Wooden doors which usually have gaps on its sides, especially at the top and bottom, can contribute largely to your energy bill.

    Who knows, the reason why the temperature inside your house takes a long time to be conditioned or get cold is because of air leakage.

    With an iron door, you are assured to have a sealed door where leakage wouldn’t be a problem.

    Here are more reasons to opt for an iron door.

    4. Blocks unwanted noise out.

    You are in a work-from-home setup because of the pandemic but unwanted noises outside from the neighborhood, cars honking, among many others are distracting you. Perhaps you need that door to change.

    Since iron doors can be completely fitted to your door space and are properly sealed, unwanted noises from outside won’t be able to bother you from your video conference or nap.

    A great thing about this is that your own energy is also saved! Physical movements as a result of frustration from unwanted noises will be a thing of the past. And you can also savor that uninterrupted nap you have been wanting for a long time.

    If you are also used to having devices such as earphones or noise blockers to have those irritating buzz blocked, perhaps that won’t be necessary anymore. Somehow, this can reduce your energy bill.

    Storm doors are also perfect in blocking noise and they last a long time.

    5. Maintenance-free.

    With an iron door, you don’t have to worry about constant checks and maintenance. Unlike wooden doors that warp over time and can be easily damaged by weather factors such as heat, a wrought iron door can stand the test of time.

    And if the energy efficiency of an iron door still didn’t convince you, here are more reasons for you to consider installing one.

    · Better security. The most important feature or advantage of an iron door is improved home security. Front doors aren’t usually constructed to prevent break-ins. But with an iron door, securing your home can be assured. A burglar will find it very hard to breach.
    · Custom design. Since wrought iron is malleable, it can be easily designed according to your taste.
    · Easy installation. Tearing down bricks and walls won’t be necessary for installing this.

    So what are you still waiting for, call Big Easy Iron Works now to have the best iron door installed at your home or building!

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