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  • Upgrading to Wrought Iron Door: A New Home Statement

    Upgrading to Wrought Iron Door:  A New Home Statement Blog-Image

    Upgrading to a wrought iron door is a new home statement that suggests permanence and security that no other type of door can copy. A single or double wrought iron door adds a strong appeal to your front door access.

    A well-crafted wrought iron front door is an amazing addition and transformation to a home or business property that can weather the ages.

    Make your entrance bigger by upgrading to wrought iron doors with a customized design that perfectly matches the tone and style of your residential or business structure.

    Why Upgrading to a Wrought Iron Door is a Worthwhile Investment

    A wrought iron door can very well improve your home or business’s curb appeal with different styles to choose from.

    It can set you apart from other structures in your neighborhood with its intrinsic and medieval appeal.

    Here are important reasons why upgrading to a wrought iron door is a commendable choice and a worthwhile investment

    Why Upgrading to a Wrought Iron Door | Big Easy Iron Works

     1. Top of the Line Quality Material

    The number one most important reason why wrought iron doors are a worthwhile investment is the quality of wrought iron that is unmatched with any other door material when it comes to many outstanding features like durability and low maintenance.

    Likewise, the detailed craftsmanship of wrought iron doors will improve the look of any home or business establishment.  

     2. Typically Maintenance-Free

    Wrought iron doors do not need regular maintenance like other door materials.  Unlike wooden doors, wrought iron doors will never warp or rot because they can be finished to be water- and moisture-resistant.

    With this quality, wrought iron doors outlast other types of doors, meaning they do not need to be replaced, repaired, resealed, rust-proofed, or treated to stay Solid and well built and attractive.

    3. Totally Customizable

    Because of iron’s pliability, you can customize and design a wrought iron door that will suit your needs and the architecture of your home or business.

    There are different types of wrought iron doors according to the structure:

    Wrought Iron Security Door.  There is no compromising the security of your home or business with a quality wrought iron front door.  Security is the primary reason homeowners and business owners upgrade to wrought iron doors.  

    You can customize your wrought iron security door with an invisible door defense system which involves:

    Special conduits to run wiring for custom electronic locks and alarm systemsKey-less entry

    Automatic and remote locking

    Wrought Iron Single Entry Door.  There are different designs for a single entry wrought iron door that you can choose from with unique scrollwork and glass panes.  

    Choose the perfect design that is elegant, secure, and efficient for your home or business.  

    Wrought Iron Double Doors.  Get a wider entry opening for your home or business with a wrought iron double front door.  

    Double doors make it easier to move furniture in and out of your space while providing more air circulation as well.  

    Wrought iron double doors also come in customizable designs and styles

    Here are some trendy wrought iron door designs that you may like:

    Traditional – Handcrafted spiral, leaf, or vine designs

    Contemporary – Use of clean lines, angled, and geometric designs

    Classic – looks of a medieval castle

    Modern – Sleek, modern, minimalistic design

    Elegant and rustic swirls

    Add paneled sidelights (a narrow window or pane of glass on the side of the door)

    Add a transom (a horizontal structural beam separating a door from the window above it)

    Paint with Stylish colors like a polished steel look, a dulled bronze color, classic black, pure white

    4. Extreme Durability

    Upgrading to wrought iron doors is beneficial for the security of your home or business.  With a wrought iron security door, you can protect your home and business from unwanted invasions.

    The high-grade steel of a wrought iron door is manufactured to make them extremely strong and exceptionally sturdy.  Thus, they are difficult to damage, break, or crack and are nearly impossible to penetrate with force, water, or fire.

    You can get a wrought iron door that can withstand the force of strong winds and the impact of small and large debris.  Any other door material does not come any close to the durability and strength of a wrought iron door.

    An innovative technology called Polar Shield, a patent thermal break technology provides security for wrought iron doors exposed to very cold areas.  The Polar Shield prevents heat loss and prevents the cold outside from entering your structure.  You can keep your home or business warm and protected from extreme weather.

    5. Energy-Efficient

    Upgrade to a wrought iron door and you will have a door that has high-quality polyurethane foam for insulation the whole year.  This insulation also helps to prevent rust formation and is built to weather extreme temperatures.  Thus, your home or business space will feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Even with a high-quality glass pane installed on your wrought iron door, most glasses used are insulated with superior glass to further enhance the energy efficiency of your door.

    A minimalist design wrought iron door can also provide the best ventilation if the airflow is your priority.  You get to enhance the comfort of your home or business on hot summer months not needing to sacrifice security.

    Installing a Wrought Iron door

    Cropped view of installer holding screwdriver near door handle | Big Easy Iron Works

    Most wrought iron doors that are bought come standard with insulated safety glass, removable screens, and weather-stripping system with a ‘slide-in’ design making it easy to install without the need of ripping the exterior or interior of your home or business establishment.  

    The wrought iron door installation guide from home depot outlines and describes the details of how wrought iron doors can be perfectly installed.  If you feel installing your wrought iron front door is much of a hassle for you, contact a wrought iron door professional or contractor.

    Upgrading your doors with the Timeless Beauty and Strength of Wrought Iron Doors 

    Wrought iron security doors for your home or business is a practical solution for security matched with always-existing beauty and strength.  With a quality wrought iron door, you increase the security, appeal, and value of your home or business which you will enjoy in the years to come. 

    Make a new home statement by upgrading to wrought iron doors that will definitely make every person’s first impression last when they enter your front door. 

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