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  • Hard-Core Ways to Improve Front Door Security

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    Burglary, the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a theft, has been a common community nuisance although it has significantly decreased through the years because of upgraded home security systems, especially front door security.

    There are subclassifications of burglary from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program. These are forcible entry, unlawful entry where no force is used, and attempted forcible entry of a structure (apartment, barn, house trailer or houseboat when used as a permanent dwelling, etc.).

    It is important to note that most burglaries committed are forcible entry. A relatively few are attempted forcible entry. Most probably the houses that experienced attempted forcible entry had better front door security systems.

    The majority of home break-ins happen through the front door but there are well-developed hardware and technology that you can incorporate to strengthen the vulnerable parts and the weakest points of your front door to improve your front door security.

    Front Door Security with Quality Lock Hardware

    Your overall security is at risk if your front door’s lock hardware is weak with inherent flaws that burglars can take advantage of. Take a look at the reinforcement hardware that you can incorporate to your front door hardware to secure your door from being kicked in:

    Install a Rock-Solid Deadbolt Lock

    Locksmiths agree that a deadbolt lock is an answer to home security though not all deadbolt locks are created equal.

    Majority of home burglaries happen because intruders are able to kick the door in when the locks or deadbolts are inadequate, weak, or simply do not function properly.

    “A deadbolt is a type of lock with a steel bolt that extends into the door jamb and strike plate of a door frame”. The two most common types are the single-cylinder deadbolt and the more preferred double-cylinder deadbolt. There are also Jimmy proof deadbolts and Captive deadbolts.

    Here are tips to make sure your Deadbolt lock is rock-solid:

    Home Protection New Orleans - Crescent Iron Works

    Get a quality deadbolt with a hardened steel bolt.

    An ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Grade 1 deadbolt withstands at least 10 strikes of 75 pounds of force. It is not a good sign if your deadbolt does not have an ANSI grading.

    A deadbolt that met the UL (Underwriter Laboratories) 437 Security Test is also guaranteed to be of top quality.

    Make sure that the bolt extends fully into the hole on the door jamb.

    Reinforce the hole with a metal strike plate, which is an extremely important part of the deadbolt locking system.

    Choose metal strike plate hardware that comes with long anchor screws so that it can withstand a forced entry attack.

    Lock the bolts of your deadbolt lock into a steel cup instead of a simple hole to make it more durable.

    Install a Keyless Door Lock

    A keyless entry pad instead of a key is the main feature of this electronically controlled lock. Although more expensive than the key lock, this lock system works smoothly and will not leave your front door security compromised.

    Another fine option is the keyless door reinforcement lock which the manufacturer claims that it can withstand 800 pounds of force. You can lock and unlock it with a single motion.

    Reinforce Existing Door Locks

    Door-and-lock Reinforcer

    You can prevent thieves from breaking the area around the lock by adding this hardware. You can choose a strong metal which can withstand more force. These reinforcers are made from brass, iron, and stainless steel.

    Strike Plate Lock

    It is a very simple DIY installable device that works for most doors that can withstand over 50 kicks and functions more efficiently in securing your front door than the standard door chain.

    Cylinder Guards

    This hardware is installed around the locks to prevent criminals from prying or wrenching to lose your locks and solid strike plates.

    Door Barricade

    Install a permanent door barricade by screwing the base plate to the floor and sliding in the barrier when you want to lock your door. Door barricades do not rely on the strength of the door but use the floor so even if burglars get through the deadbolt, they can’t get into your home.

    Horizontal Door Security Bar

    A kick-proof door would need this heavy-duty steel bar that is secured by two L-bolts screwed on the jamb or studs near the door frame.

    Fortify Door Frames and Hinges

    Add minor components like security studs, corrugated pins, and 3-inch set screws to make your doors more impact-resistant.

    Improve your front door security with durable jamb and hinge shield reinforcement. Secure a deadbolt strike plate to reinforce the door frame.

    Securing A Sliding Door

    sliding french doors - Big Easy Iron WorksIf you have a sliding Front Door, these are simple measures to make it more secure:

    Install a slide-licking bar to keep the door from being opened even if the latching lock is damaged.

    Maintain door tracks and rollers

    Install one- or two-bolt locking systems. There are key and lock and battery-powered audible alarm options available.

    Install Smart Technology as discussed below

    Securing your Front Door with Smart Home Security Technology

    Since technology has advanced in the Home Security Industry, there are several worthwhile security products that you can add to burglar-proof your front door.

    Wide Angle Peepholes

    This allows you to see if the person on the other side of your door is alone and what they are holding if any.

    Wire in a Home Alarm System

    You can have this installed by alarm technicians. Glass-break sensors on your door can also be installed if your door is made of glass.

    Use Smart Technology

    Criminals won’t likely break into your home if they see doorbell cameras and other surveillance equipment on your front door. A properly installed quality Surveillance System will effectively deter burglars and identify intruders. Outdoor lighting with motion sensors is also a good choice to amplify front door security because burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight.

    Protect your Front Door Glass

    If you have a front door made of glass or with glass features, protect your glass with a physical barrier like durable steel grills, install security window film, or you can switch to laminated or tempered glass.

    Securing your front door is but one step in securing your property. However, since the front door is the main entry point to your home, it is an essential task. Keep in mind though that to bolster the security of your home, you should also consider adding other alternatives like a security fence and improving window security.

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