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  • Steel and Wrought Iron: Which Railing is the Best for Your Property

    Steel and Wrought Iron: Which Railing is the Best for Your Property Blog-Image

    Renovating your property, let alone building one from scratch, is no easy task.

    It can be considered as an uphill process that can go south when not planned and executed properly.

    There are many considerations to think about including the right materials to choose for a specific part or area of the property.

    One of the recurring pain points of homeowners or property owners circles down to the railings.

    The railing as support or fence is an integral component of every property so choosing the best material is of utmost importance.

    So between steel and iron, which one is the best railing for your house?

    Steel Railing VS Iron Railing: Key Differences

    There are several options that every homeowner can choose from in terms of the railing material.

    Aluminum, glass, wood, and concrete are just some of the top choices that are available in the market.

    But steel and iron are arguably the top choices. These two are different from each other in many aspects.

    So let’s find out which one is the better choice for your property railing.

    Definition and Composition Iron and Wrought Iron


    Wrought iron railings- Bigeasyironworks.comIron, as most of us know, is a raw element found and harvested from the Earth.

    It’s used as a base material for many construction materials such as cast iron. However, wrought iron is probably the most popular and widely used.

    Wrought iron is an alloy of iron with very low carbon content. This carbon content is always below 0.08% of the total iron composition of the material.

    In contrast, cast iron accommodates 4% of carbon content.

    Meanwhile, wrought iron is composed of approximately 99.4% of the iron in terms of mass. This material is not just good for railings but also for doors and gates.


    On the other hand, steel is something that most people think about whenever the topic is construction.

    Something huge and sturdy used for buildings and houses. This may be true but not entirely.

    Steel is also an iron of alloy with carbon content, with other elements and compounds added in.
    It has many variations but often falls into at least four categories which include stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and tool steel.

    For railings, stainless steel is most likely the most popular steel choice due to its great properties.

    Both wrought iron and steel are made up of huge amounts of iron and a few carbons but they differ in other areas of composition.


    Another aspect to consider in choosing the right railing is in terms of price.

    The pricing of material for building such as railing can make or unmake a person’s decision to purchase.

    Most of the time, price is even the top consideration that people think about before buying a product.

    Generally, pricing for both is greatly influenced by the size, design, and complexity of the project.

    The bigger the size of the railing is, the more expensive it will be. The more complex the design of the railing is, the higher the price it will also get.

    But if we are dealing with let’s say, for example, the same measurements and design of railing, steel railing is priced a little bit cheaper.

    This is because the production of steel is easier and faster when compared to wrought iron.

    But wrought iron is easier to mold. Wrought iron, when compared to vinyl or wood, may also fetch a higher price tag.

    Design and Customization

    Although railings usually use simple designs, no one is stopping you to request custom railings with more beautiful and intricate designs.

    choosing the right railing-Bigeasyironworks.comIn terms of design options, the wrought iron railing has a huge advantage over the steel railing. Whether readily available in the market or through custom-made requests, wrought iron railings can easily give you several options.

    A reason for this is its malleability. Wrought iron can be easily molded and shaped into several designs you can think of.

    Customized designs for railings, whether simple or intricate, will not be a problem here. So if you are in favor of house railings with complex patterns, perhaps wrought iron is your best bet.

    On the other hand, steel can still offer you many great design options at a relatively cheaper price.


    In terms of durability, wrought iron and steel railings are considered to be hard and strong materials.

    Both can last long even when subjected to several external forces.

    But because of steel’s composition where it is made up of a higher percentage of carbon compared to wrought iron, it may be slightly more sturdy.

    Wrought iron is known to be resistant to shock so this also makes it very durable.

    Resistance to Damage and Corrosion

    Both railing materials are resistant to damage and corrosion.

    However, steel might have an advantage since a lot of steel variations like stainless steel will not rust. Steel’s composition with chromium contributes to this.

    But fret not, if maintained and cleaned regularly well, wrought iron remains resistant to damage, rust, and corrosion.

    Final Verdict: Which is Better, Iron or Steel?

    As laid out above, both wrought iron and steel railings are great choices.

    Each has its advantage and disadvantage over the other. Your choice should depend on your needs.

    For a cheaper price, steel may be the better choice. But since designs are evolving now with a demand for more customizable options, perhaps wrought iron is perfect for your property.

    Nevertheless, whatever option you want to make, consider contacting Big Easy Iron Works for the best interior and exterior railings for your property.

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