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  • How Do You Upgrade to Iron Doors?

    How Do You Upgrade to Iron Doors? Blog-Image

    Home security is one of the major considerations that every family or individual prioritizes when buying or renting a property.

    This is only logical because our most prized and valued possessions are found at home. If not done properly, our homes might be subjected to forced entries and robberies.

    That is why more and more people nowadays are opting to invest significantly in home security, especially with iron doors.

    Iron doors are considered one of the top-tier doors that anyone can buy and install in their properties.

    But if you already have invested in another type of security or home door, how do you upgrade to iron doors?

    And is it even worth it knowing you have to spend some money on it?

    Well, you don’t have to hold your horses now as we explore the most important aspects that are involved in upgrading to iron doors.

    What Are The Advantages of Iron Doors for Home?

    Iron Doors Advantages for Home-Bigeasyiron works.comBy its simplest textbook definition, an iron door is a type of door that is mostly made up of iron and its compounds.

    It is one of the most in-demand door materials alongside wood, aluminum, and glass.

    Since there are a lot of door materials that are available in the market, one might ask why an iron door should be chosen in the first place.

    There are a lot of factors that need to be considered such as pricing and maintenance.

    But before jumping into these, what are some reasons why families or homeowners should consider an iron door for their properties?

    1. Iron Doors Provide Better Home Security

    The greatest advantage of iron doors is that they can provide your home the best home security. Iron and its compounds like alloys are known to be very solid and sturdy which is why they are perfect materials for doors.

    If you use an iron door with its sturdiness and durability, forced entry by intruders may be eliminated.

    Likewise, iron doors can also withstand naturally occurring calamities such as strong wind, high pressure, and fire.

    2. Iron Doors are Customizable

    Another premier benefit of an iron door is its customizable property.

    Iron is an element that is malleable and easier to shape compared to other materials. So due to this fact, there are a lot of designs you can choose from.

    Whether you want a simple or complex design and style, this can be made possible as long as the security aspect of the door is not compromised.

    3. Wrought Iron Doors Add Insulation and are Energy-Efficient

    Most wrought-iron doors nowadays make use of insulation technology that is placed and assembled in between the door.

    Because of this, energy efficiency is achieved in the sense that you may save money from lower electricity consumption.

    During intense climates and seasons, insulation will provide a great advantage. It will keep the house warmer during the winter season, and colder during summer.

    4. Iron Doors Enhance Curb Appeal

    For homeowners who are very serious with design and aesthetics, iron doors are considered to be the best choice. Since the material is highly customizable, you may ask contractors or door designers to make your ideal iron door.

    5. Iron Metal Doors Increase Property Value

    A door is one of the first things that anyone will see when visiting a property. So this may give a lasting impression to them.

    Besides, one can view the overall security of the house just by judging the kind of door it has.

    So when a property has an iron metal door or wrought iron door, its overall value may significantly increase.

    Are Iron Metal Doors Expensive?

    A common concern of homeowners who are thinking about upgrading to iron doors is its price.

    There is this notion that iron doors are very expensive. However, this is not the case.

    Iron doors may be priced higher compared to other types of doors, but you actually get your money’s worth.

    Iron doors with installation can range from a low of $2,500 to a high of $10,000. The final price will depend on the complexity of design, dimensions of the door, and other added features.

    Ways on How to Upgrade to Iron Entry Doors

    iron entry door - Big Easy Iron WorksSo if you are a homeowner who wants to upgrade to an iron door, be it metal or wrought, these are the steps or ways you may do so.

    1. Assess Your Motivation

    Before making a decision, think about your main motivation. Iron doors are priced higher compared with other door materials so buying and installing it something that should be taken seriously.

    If your motivation relates to the advantages of iron doors such as better home security and energy efficiency, you are making the right choice.

    2. Set a Budget

    Budget is a very significant aspect in upgrading to an iron door. As mentioned, hardware and installation of iron doors will range from $2,500 to $10,000.

    While this may not be expensive for some, especially because you are getting your money’s worth, you are still spending your hard-earned money.

    3. Think About a Design

    An important aspect on how any homeowner can upgrade is the design. Iron doors are customizable so you can think about a design you want. If not, you can surf the internet for design inspiration.

    4. Contact a Contractor vs How To Make an Iron Door

    There is always a way for you as a homeowner to DIY or create your own metal door. This can be done by sourcing out hardware materials from your trusted local store.

    However, this task can be really difficult since welding and molding iron or steel on your own can be exhausting. Moreover, this can also take a huge chunk of your personal time.

    Get the Best Iron Door from Us!

    If making your own iron door is not possible for you, reaching out to a contractor is your best option as they have proven expertise in this field.

    If you live around New Orleans, you may contact Big Easy Iron Works for security door installation.

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