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  • How Much Would It Cost to Enclose a Porch

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    You would notice that a lot of homes are built with an attached porch or patio.

    This observation can be more evident in states having four seasons such as New Orleans where summer can be very long and hot.

    Now as there has been a massive increase in WFH arrangements due to the pandemic, the importance of having a porch is given more emphasis.

    But for a porch to be fully utilized, there seems to be a need for it to be enclosed.

    If you still have a porch or lanai that needs roofing and walling, you came to the right place.

    As you read through this post, you will find out the rough estimates of how much a porch enclosure will cost. Likewise, we’ll also discuss the factors that may affect these costs that will be incurred.

    Typical Porch Vs Enclosed Porch: How Much to Enclose a Porch

    While a typical porch and an enclosed porch are the same covered shelter that is usually attached at the front of a house, these two have distinct differences.

    A typical porch is commonly described as an outdoor living space.

    This space that is usually roofed is used for various reasons.

    The most obvious use of a porch is that it serves as an extension of the living room. This may be used by the family or visitors to relax while enjoying the outdoor view and weather.

    Furthermore, a porch can also be used as a space for various activities. Working at home in the time of pandemic inside the four walls of a room can get pretty suffocating. That is why a porch can be a great alternative working space for some people.

    How Much to Enclose a Porch

    However, since a typical porch is open, unwanted elements such as insects and leaves from a nearby tree can be a distraction.

    Why Get an Enclosed Porch?

    This is where an enclosed porch comes in very handy. An enclosed porch functions the same as that of a typical porch but in terms of the structure, this porch has more features.

    The very distinct features of an enclosed porch include the roof, walls, and door. But nowadays, a typical porch also uses roofing installation although this type of structure is sometimes called a semi-enclosed porch.

    The purpose of an enclosed porch is not universal in the sense that it can be used for whatever purpose a homeowner can think of. An enclosed porch can serve as an extended living room space where the family can bond together.

    On the other hand, it can also serve as an outdoor dining space where visitors can have some snacks.

    Meanwhile, as mentioned, it can even serve as a home office now that a lot of people are in a work from home arrangement.

    Factors that Affect How Much a Porch Enclosure Will Cost

    Logically, an enclosed porch is more expensive than a typical porch.

    But in what exact ways is this true? What are the factors that influence how much a porch enclosure will cost?

    · Type of Porch Enclosure

    The first and probably biggest factor that will influence how much a porch enclosure will cost is its type. There are many types of porch enclosure available in terms of design and function.

    Each of these types will vary in pricing, whether on a small or large scale, because of their overall differences.

    A front porch, pavilion, screened porch, and sunroom will each differ in their overall costs because they all differ in function, design, and structure.

    A sunroom or a three to a four-season room will fetch the highest installation price because there are added fixtures in the process such as room insulation. A sunroom can cost at least $20,000 to as high as $60,000.

    How Much To spend in Enclosing a Porch

    A porch with the most basic and minimal enclosure installation or patio conversion can go as low as $5,000. But this will not cover other amenities in your mind such as insulation.

    Typically this will only include basic screen porch and wall installation. Meanwhile, a basic screening on the porch may only cost $2,000.

    Basically, the more features a type of porch enclosure will have, the pricier it will also be.

    · Kind of Installation Materials

    Another big factor that influences how much a front or back porch will cost is the type of materials that will be used.

    This will depend on the type of enclosure you will use and the complexity of your chosen design.

    The major installation materials involved in this process are the roof and wall. The type of installation material, along with its quality, will determine how much you need to spend on your porch enclosure.

    A glass roof or wall will differ in price with an aluminum or vinyl roofing and framing.

    · Overall Size of Porch Enclosure

    Other than the type and quality of material installation, the size or perimeter of the porch to be enclosed is another big factor for the costs.

    The bigger the porch is, the more expensive the enclosure expenses will be since you are covering a bigger space.

    By rough estimates of the national average pricing, a square foot of porch enclosure can range from $25-$100. This will depend on the kind of installation materials that will be used.

    · Contractor and Labor Fees

    The contractor and labor fees will differ from state to state so your best bet in determining these fees is to contact a trusted contractor in your area.

    If you live around New Orleans you are lucky because Big Easy Iron Works is just one visit and call away from giving you its best services.

    · Added Installation Amenities

    And finally, you have the added amenities and fixtures. Insulation, heating, appliances, electrical works, and lighting will also significantly impact how much your porch enclosure will cost in the end.

    Before jumping into the whole process of porch enclosure, you should first think about the purpose it will serve for you and your family. Knowing this can help you set a considerable budget that can save you time and effort.

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