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  • Helpful Tips on How To Restore an Iron Gate

    Helpful Tips on How To Restore an Iron Gate Blog-Image

    There are various reasons why homeowners prefer to have an iron gate installed in their homes.

    This type of gate material is known to be a reliable security installation in protecting the property against thieves or unwanted intruders.

    On top of that, wrought iron is malleable and easy to weld that is why the designs you can have are all aesthetically pleasing.

    But no matter how great of a material iron gate is, it is not immune to damage.

    There will come a time when external factors can affect its build integrity. And when that time comes, how do you restore an iron gate?

    For a starter who doesn’t know much about fixtures, restoring an iron gate can be quite a task.
    That is why we at Big Easy Iron Works made this easy guide to assist you along in this activity.


    How Do You Clean and Maintain a Wrought Iron Gate?

    Before going over the specific tips and guide in restoring an iron gate, the best thing that any homeowner can first do is maintain the iron gate.

    After all, it is better to prolong the life of this material rather than waiting for the time when it demands or requires restoration or replacement.

    This not only saves you time but will also save you money from spending for more costs.


    1. Regularly Wash the Iron Gate

    The first line of defense that anyone can do at home is by regularly cleaning the surfaces of the iron gate.

    Likewise, this is also the cheapest trick in the book to prevent any form of damage from happening.

    There are various ways on how one can clean his or her iron gate. But what we recommend is to use warm water and detergent.

    Mix the water and dish detergent together until you see soap bubbles forming.

    Then use any piece of cloth or sponge to lather up the surface of the gate with the soap water. If needed, you can also scrub it carefully.

    After scrubbing the gate surface, rinse it off with clean water. Leaving it with soap may only cause metal discoloration if done repeatedly.


    2. Always Check for the Presence of Rust

    Rust is considered to be the biggest enemy of iron or metal.

    So cleaning the wrought iron gate should be done regularly.

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    If in case rusting appears, better to stop it with a rust remover immediately before it spreads out.


    3. Apply Primer or Coating

    To further strengthen the immunity of the iron gate against damage and corrosion, applying a primer and coating are highly recommended.

    The combination or the use of either a primer or paint coating will double the protection of the metal against rust.

    Although wrought iron is already manufactured to withstand rusting, adding more protection is still better for more assurance.


    4. Don’t Forget to Lubricate the Locks and Latches of Iron Gate

    Some homeowners would often just pay attention to what they usually see such as the surface of the iron gate.

    But what should also be regularly checked are the locks and latches of the entire gate system.

    An iron gate is often attached to a metal or concrete fence so this should also be given extra attention. If not, it can get stuck or creaky because of rusting.


    Steps on How To Revive an Iron Gate

    But when you are at a certain point where typical washing and cleaning won’t cut it, perhaps your iron gate already needs a restoration.

    So how exactly can you restore your iron gate?

    Well, the good thing is, you don’t have to spend that much. Likewise, restoring an iron gate borrows some steps from cleaning and maintenance.


    1. Clean the Iron Gate with Wire Brush

    The first step in whatever restoration process to your iron gate or fence is by cleaning it thoroughly.

    But this time, you don’t need to use water yet.

    With the use of a dry wire brush, you can do the first part of removing the rust. This is mostly for the top layer of the iron gate, especially the visible flaky parts.


    2. Use Sandpaper Against the Surface of Rusted Iron

    For more effective cleaning of the rusting iron that a wire brush can’t fully do, you may use sandpaper.

    The intensity or pressure of how you rub the sandpaper against the iron or metal will depend on what kind of restoration you want.

    Tips on How to Restore an Iron Gate

    If there is a need to also repaint the gate, you may need to rub the sandpaper harder so the latter will also be removed. But of course, doing so will incur additional costs.


    3. Remove the Rust on the Surface of Wrought Iron Gate: Natural and Chemical Treatment

    After scrubbing the surface of the iron to remove the rust with a brush and sandpaper, the next step is either a natural or chemical treatment.

    For a more natural and organic method, you may use baking soda or vinegar to clean out the rust. Meanwhile, for a chemical treatment, you may buy water-based rust removers from your local stores. The latter method will incur higher costs than the former.


    4. Wash the Iron Gate with a Solution and Remove Any Residue

    After removing the rust and applying a new coating to the metal, it would be best to do a final cleaning to remove any remaining residue.


    5. Coat the Iron Gate with Primer and New Paint

    After thoroughly cleaning the entire surface of the wrought iron, you may now restore it to its former beauty and glory by applying new paint.

    The color of the paint will depend on your preference but we recommend choosing darker shades of color as this will not easily stain.

    Moreover, in choosing paint or coating, don’t forget to consider having rust or corrosion-resistant paint. This will give additional protection to the material.


    6. Additional Restoration Needs

    If you see worse damage on the iron gate such as bent metals that you can consider being beyond your own skills, don’t hesitate to contact Big Easy Iron Works for our best services.

    As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

    So don’t forget to carefully clean and maintain your iron gate on a regular basis.

    This will not only save you from future repair troubles but it will also save you from spending money.

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