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  • Can Rusted Wrought Iron Be Repaired?

    Can Rusted Wrought Iron Be Repaired? Blog-Image

    If you have a wrought iron fence you should know that having one provides security while having a pleasing appearance to your property. Over time, you might need rusted wrought iron repair brought by wear and tear due to the natural elements. Rust can build up on the fence and can change the overall appearance.

    A rusted wrought iron fence needs special attention as it can deteriorate the durability of the fence. If left untreated, the accumulated rust can damage the fence which can break or bend the fence.

    If you are a homeowner, with a fence that is rusted, or bought a home with a wrought iron fence that is already rusted, here are maintenance tips and valuable information to keep your wrought iron fence look new and free of rust.

    1. What is wrought iron and what does it do for your home

    Wrought iron is not just bent metal to look like pretty shapes, but to achieve the wrought iron look, it takes many processes and time in order for it to be ready to be sold by many manufacturers of metal.

    Detail picture of an ornament at a wrought iron gate - Big Easy Iron WorksWrought iron is made of an iron alloy that contains lesser carbon and slag that makes the material have fibrosity and sturdiness. It’s malleable, ductile, and has comprehensive strength.

    Wrought iron is oftentimes interchanged with cast iron. To be called wrought iron, it is made by heating the metal immensely and is placed on a mold to be cooled down before it is bent to form the desired patterns and shapes.

    What makes cast iron different is that after heating, it is not left to cool but is immediately hammered into different patterns and shapes. Wrought iron is stronger compared to cast iron, which is more brittle.

    It has many applications; it can be used as a wrought iron fence, gate, bench, wrought iron porch, balcony, chandelier, wrought iron railing, door, and window grill.

    Wrought iron remains a popular choice to be used as fences or gates as it is sturdy while being physically pleasing to look at. Wrought iron is a material that can last longer than other materials used for fencing.

    Many homeowners like the wrought iron as they can send out what design, size, and dimension they like and it can be made and delivered to their house.

    2. The effects of rust on wrought iron

    Metals such as wrought iron contain iron, and when exposed to air and water will rust.

    Rust is also called iron oxide, and is formed when water molecules get incorporated with it. Rust can look like an orange powder on the metal’s surface.

    Rust makes the metal look orange-y and will give a rough texture. Rust will make the metal weaker as it will deteriorate the strong iron into a flaky powder.

    Over time, rust will slowly eat away at the iron, so if you own a wrought iron, it is better to check the condition of it every now and then. Rust can also make parts stuck to each other from being able to slide easily before.

    3. How to repair rusted wrought iron

    • Clean and wash

    To get started get a hose and some soap and water to clean and rinse. This will get rid of dirt, molds, or any build up on your wrought iron.

    • Remove the rust and old paint

      You can use a sandblaster or a rust remover to remove rust manually. If you are planning to repaint, make sure to thoroughly remove the old paint rather than painting over it as it ensures that the new paint will stick well.

    • Neutralize the rust

      Make sure you remove all rust as much as possible, you can use chemical rust neutralizers if available, if not, you can use a mixture of two ingredients that can be found in any home, lemon juice and vinegar.

    • Paint your wrought iron

      First, prepare a rust-inhibiting primer that will act as a base coat. This primer will help seal the metal from moisture and corrosion that prevents rust from forming.

      Second, mix paint conditioner and primer to make the surface of the paint smoother and will have an even coat of paint.

      Last, use two coats of primer and use rust proofing paint as it helps protect the paint from natural elements.

    • Wrought iron maintenance

    To keep the wrought iron in tip top shape, regular maintenance is key. This helps keep it strong and durable. Regular check for any signs of rust, or any peeling, and cracking so that it can be addressed as soon as possible.

    Check out our post here on how to how to restore an iron gate

    4. When should you replace rusted wrought iron with stainless steel or another material

    Rust on wrought iron can be easily repaired and made to look new again but how do you know that when it is time for it to be replaced? If you do not know anything about it it is wise to ask a professional like a welder or the people who build your wrought iron if anything is dangerous.

    Fleur-de-Lis in French Cemetery - Big Easy Iron WorksRust is not dangerous to humans when touched by the skin. You can get tetanus but tetanus is not caused by rust it is caused by a bacteria in the rust.

    Also if you do not have the time to have the rusted wrought iron be consistently maintained, it is better to switch to a different type of metal. If you can’t repair your rusted wrought iron, rust can get into the air which can irritate the eyes.

    It can also cause stomach irritation if any young children or person accidentally consumes rust. Inhaling rust particles is a cause for concern since long-term exposure can lead to siderosis, a condition in which iron deposits build up in the lungs.

    5. Tips for preventing future rusting on your home’s exterior metal components

    • Keep it clean and dry
    • Prevent scratches
    • Regular maintenance
    • Apply protective coating
    • Galvanize it
    • Powder coating

    6. Risks of not repairing rusted wrought iron, such as water damage and increased energy bills from the need to use air conditioning more often in humid climates

    • Rust can weaken the wrought iron
    • Rust can corrode metal
    • Rust can have tetanus bacteria
    • Rust can hinder the conduction of electricity

    If removing rust from your iron fence is too much work for you, Big Easy Iron Works can help you get a new one.

    Call us today to get your own wrought iron fence.

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