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  • Burglar-Proofing Your Home 101: How to Protect Windows From Burglars

    Is upgrading your windows worth the investment? Maybe this statistic can give you a push in the right direction: homes with little to no security features are up to five times more likely to be targeted by criminals. Unsafe windows and doors are the number one access points that burglars use to break into homes.

    So, how will you protect your windows from burglars?

    Fortunately, there are several upgrades that you can apply to your windows to increase your home’s protection. If you want to make your home as secure as possible, take these upgrades and measures seriously to keep your loved ones and your well-invested possessions safe.

    Securing Your Windows

    Windows are one of the main entry points for burglars. Hence, you will need excellent window protection from burglars. Remember that the violent type of burglar targets your windows first. You may be thinking about installing iron bars as the best remedy to provide the best protection, but it may not give you the aesthetics you want.

    Here are other ideas for protecting your windows from burglars that will give you extra peace of mind:

    1. Install locks on all windows

    Invest in high-quality locks and consider professional installation by a locksmith or handyman who knows the safest lock model that you should mount on your windows. This idea may seem the simplest method, but the simplest methods are the best.

    You can install deadbolts and sash jammers, but your best option is to go for a bulky lock that can be seen from the outside. This will give second thoughts to the burglar when they see it. They may even decide to move on.

    If you’re wondering what the best locks are to protect your home from burglars, consider this list from the Home Security Store:

    • Defender Security U 9819 Sliding Window Security Lock
    • Maxdot Adjustable Sliding Window Locks
    • Codace Sliding Window Security Locks
    • Momentum Brands Sliding Window Locks Set
    • Lion Locks Aluminum Sliding door and Window Lock
    • MOTTYA Premium Sliding Window Locks Security
    • Boao Adjustable Sliding Window and Door Locks Set


    You can install any one or two of these top-pick security locks to burglar-proof your window. It is recommended that you add a secondary lock in addition to the primary lock that you install to make your window secure enough to keep burglars out.

    Also, make sure that you keep your windows locked even if you go out for a quick errand. It will just take between ninety seconds to twelve minutes for burglary to take place in your home.

    Burglars do an excellent job of committing the crime unwitnessed and can be quicker than your quick errand. So, always lock your windows when you are away and when you sleep.


    Put up bars on the lower level windows


    It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing to place window security bars, but they will provide a very effective security measure for your home.

    They are good deterrents for burglars because they will give burglars the idea that they will have to be sure they will be able to squeeze in through the bars to get inside your home.

    Contact your local handyman company and ask if they specialize in making window bars that will fit the look of your home and are not too intrusive.

    Place bars, especially on your lower-level windows that are very accessible to burglars. This will mean that your windows are always protected and that you don’t have to remember to lock your windows every time you leave the house.

    Consider these questions to gauge whether anti-burglar bars are needed for your home:

    • Is the burglary rate high or rapidly rising in your neighborhood?
    • Do you have a basement or ground-level windows hidden by shrubs and outbuildings, and otherwise out-of-sight to neighbors?
    • Do you lack confidence in the response times by local authorities when called to investigate suspicious activities?
    • Has your area failed to create and maintain a neighborhood watch program?
    • Are you comfortable with the look of security bars on your windows?


    Answering YES to most or all of these questions makes you a strong candidate for installing security window bars.

    Window security bars are basically made with metal grids that are screwed or bolted through your window frames to the structural framing. The various types are:

    • Permanent security bars — designed for constant, long-term use
    • Swing-away bars — hinged for cleaning the window glass or for emergency exits, secured with a padlock or quick-release mechanism available only from the inside
    • Removable bars — designed to be used when bars may detract from appearances. These are typically installed in small stores or residences zoned for commercial use. At night, the bars slip into place and can be removed and stored out-of-sight during the day.


    Place security system outside your house


    A security system for windows will include window alarms and sensors. There are wired and wireless window alarms in the market. The most popular are the wireless alarms.

    However, you must keep an eye on the battery life because if the battery runs out, your window alarm is useless. The advantage of wireless window alarms is that they perform well even if there is a power cut as long as the batteries are working well.

    Window alarms are very effective in deterring burglars because they set off a loud noise when the circuit is broken. The circuit breaks when a burglar pushes your window open, pulling the magnet away from the switch.

    How to Protect your Windows from Burglars

    Another element for a security system outside your home is bright flood lights. Burglars love the dark, so installing floodlights is a great way to deter them. There are motion sensor flood lights that will flick on when anyone comes near your home. Hence, it can function to light your way when you come home after dark and alert you from the inside if someone is approaching your home.

    Replace Or Upgrade Your Windows To Make Them Burglar-Proof

    It takes a lot of planning on the best way to protect your windows from burglars. But who would like to compromise the safety of one’s family and home? Burglars are very adept at exploiting weaknesses at the entry points to properties like windows.

    So, these upgrades and measures will protect your home from break-ins. Get a consultation on the best window security features that fit the style and design of your home from your local window suppliers and installers.

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