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  • How to Add Value to Your Home with an Iron Fence

    How to Add Value to Your Home with an Iron Fence Blog-Image

    A major consideration that every homeowner thinks about when building their property is the installation of fences.

    Although fences are not necessarily a requirement in securing a property or house in the United States, the demand for its installation remains high in most states.

    One of the most logical reasons why you would want to have fence installation, other than for security purposes, is to add value to your home.

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    Fence installation, especially if a quality material like iron is used, can add significant value to your home that can be very beneficial in the long run.

    But how exactly do you add value to your home with an iron fence? Do you just install a fancy wrought iron fence and suddenly your property appreciates in value?

    Before jumping into conclusions, Big Easy Iron Works is here to help you find out the real deal.

    Does a Fence Really Increase Home Value?

    There have been some debates over and over again whether fence installation can really increase the value of a property. Some homeowners would say that there is no guarantee that a fence installation like a simple white picket fence would significantly add value to one’s house once it gets sold to the housing market.

    Mansion's Front Gate - Big Easy Iron WorksThis logic stems from how others perceive the importance of having a fence.

    In an area where there is low demand for fence installations, you can expect its value or price to be relatively smaller. And ultimately, this can determine whether a fence installation can add significant value to a home or not.

    But on the other hand, in states like Louisiana where there is a very high demand for fences, you can expect a different result and scenario. Since different fence materials are mostly in demand, you can expect fenced properties to have better values and prices.

    And if you really want to be certain how fences can increase home value, here are some reasons for you to consider.

    1.Functional Use of Fences

    The simplest explanation of why having a fence in your property can increase its value is by its important functions.

    There are many functional uses for fence installation no matter what material you choose. Somehow, one can say that no other home fixture installation can be an alternative to what a fence can do.

    • Fence Secures the Property

    A property or home that is properly secured by a fence is appealing to potential home buyers. Every single homeowner would want their belongings and valuables to be protected from external threats, especially thieves.

    Just compare a landed house having the same size and amenities, but one has fence enclosure and the other has none. There is a high probability that you would pick the house with the fence enclosure even if it means paying a slightly higher price.

    You can think of it as an investment or insurance to protect your valuables. Wouldn’t it be better to invest on a wrought iron or wooden fence rather than risking your hard-earned belongings from possible robbers?

    • Fence Provides Privacy

    Another very significant and known functional use of a fence relates to privacy. When you think about the reason to install a fence, after security, most homeowners would probably have privacy in mind. No one wants a nosy neighbor snooping around and disturbing your peace of mind.

    Iron gate - Big Easy Iron WorksFences, especially those with opaque materials such as wood, vinyl, and concrete, can provide one’s property with the more than desired level of privacy. By having these types of fences, you can freely do your daily activities without being conscious of whether neighbors or strangers can see you.

    So much like how fences act as an installation of securing property, these fixtures add value to the whole property by the functional use of providing homeowners with privacy.

    • Fence Protects Animals and Landscapes

    An equally important reason why fences can add value to your home is that it can protect your landscape and loving animals from external threats. Americans are known to be pet-lovers especially with cats and dogs. So having a yard secured by fences is a haven for most families.

    Likewise, having a fence installation can also protect your landscape from external threats such as wild animals and probably crawling insects.

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more and more people have become enamored with gardening and landscaping. So having a fence to secure your garden landscape sounds like a great idea.

    Going by these reasons, a home with an iron fence can be very attractive for a lot of potential buyers in the property market.

    2. Fences Enhance Curb Appeal

    More than the functional uses such as security and privacy, fences also work as an enhancer of yard and landscape.

    Before even seeing the interior design of your home, the first thing that visitors and potential buyers will see is your fence. And as they say, first impressions are lasting.

    So for example when you have an iron fence and gate, these installations will definitely increase the value of your home because of the curb appeal they give.

    Can Wrought Iron Entry Gates and Fences Increase Home Value?

    As mentioned, fences have the potential to increase the value of your home.

    But this is not always the case since it will depend on the property market in your area and the kind of fence material you will use.

    But it is almost always guaranteed that there will be an added value to your home if you install entry gates and fences made of wrought iron. Wrought iron is a material known to be very tough yet malleable. This makes it an ideal material for customizable designs while retaining its sturdiness.

    And should you decide to have wrought iron entry gates and fences installed in your home, Big Easy Iron Works is here to provide you the best services you can get in New Orleans.

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