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  • What Are the Benefits of French Doors?

    What Are the Benefits of French Doors? Blog-Image

    French doors are the new golden standards for commercial and residential properties. 

    They not only provide a new look to your rooms but also allow more sunlight to come in, keeping the rooms warm and comfortable. Its glass and panel composition make the door look unique. 

    You can install them as the gateway to your patio from your living room or dining area. 

    Apart from allowing sunlight to come in easily, these doors can trap the heat during winters and cool breeze during summers.

    Types of French Doors

    At Big Easy Iron Works, you get two types of French doors. 

    Hinged French Doors 

    These look like traditional French doors with swinging panels. 

    hinge french doors - Big Easy Iron WorksThey allow you to open or close the door using these panels. These doors not only provide easy access to the exterior of your house or building but also improved energy efficiency.

    Gliding French Doors 

    These are widely popular for their space-saving capabilities. 

    They resemble the likes of sliding patio doors. Gliding French doors are ideal for modern homes as they significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. 

    sliding french doors - Big Easy Iron Works

    Investing in French doors is a wise decision because they last longer than other doors. Plus, they offer more energy efficiency compared, thus helping you save money in the long run. 

    Benefits of French Doors

    French doors from Big Easy Iron Works add to the overall aesthetics of your house. 

    Whether you install them to connect your living room to your bedroom or your dining area to your garden, they will improve your house’s look significantly. 

    Apart from improving aesthetics, the New Orleans style exterior French doors have tons of other benefits, such as:

    Easy Access

    French doors are highly functional compared to other doors

    When you install exterior doors that lead to your garden, you not only improve the overall decoration inside your house but also create an easy access path. These doors are usually quite wide. 

    You can keep one of the panels open to allow sunlight to come into your rooms.

    Additional access points in your property also allow you to bring larger furniture easily. You don’t have to cramp for room and risk breaking the fixture. 

    Apart from that, it becomes an additional entrance to your property.

    Added Security

    Many people think that French doors reduce their property’s security. This is only true for careless people who don’t bother installing appropriate locks. 

    Every door in your house should consist of locks. Like the entrance, your patio doors should also come with customized locks. 

    Some French entry doors have built-in security locks.  You can further customize them according to your needs.

    Modern French doors have high-security espagnolette locking systems with fully adjustable hinge systems to improve your property’s security. 

    Want to get a secured door? These quality security doors are your best bet. 

    Whether it is your home’s front entrance or exterior door, customized locks can keep intruders out, keeping your house and family safe.

    Unmatched Durability

    French doors have glass doors as their primary component. 

    This is one of the reasons why many people consider them as fragile for offices and other commercial properties. 

    That’s a myth. 

    The frames of French doors are incredibly durable. They hold the glass panels in place for years. 

    Of course, if you throw anything hard or sharp at a glass door, it is bound to break. But otherwise, your French door will not deteriorate quickly.

    If you have doubts on regular glass, you can always use high-protection-grade glass. They will cost more but will also guarantee better handling, even in commercial properties, with hundreds of people working.

    Sufficient Lighting

    Installing French front doors means you also install additional windows. 

    These doors are so spacious that they work as windows, thus allowing more light to come easily. 

    Many families prefer not to have windows on walls where they install a French door. These doors are excellent for properties located in places that experience significantly low temperatures during winters. 

    patio doors - Big Easy Iron Works

    The doors allow sun rays to come without any obstructions. 

    They also prevent the heat from escaping easily, thus keeping your rooms warm for lengthy periods. 

    During the summers, you can open the doors to increase your living space. It will also allow fresh air to flow into your home. 

    Improved Property Value

    Adding French doors improves your property’s value to a great extent. 

    Buyers love properties with spacious rooms. 

    French doors can certainly make rooms look bigger, thus adding a lot of added equity to your property. This is an excellent way to earn more by investing less.

    Reduced Energy Bills

    Installing French doors can reduce your monthly energy bills. Air conditioners and heaters add a significant amount to your energy bills every month. 

    French doors can also maximize air retention. This means you don’t have to keep your heaters on for long hours in winter because the doors allow sun rays to come in easily. 

    The double-layered glass panes prevent the heat from escaping from the room quickly. You can use your heater at low intensity to save energy.

    Similarly, you can keep the doors open during summers. It will improve air circulation in your rooms. Of course, you shouldn’t keep the doors open if there’s a loo blowing in the air. The double-paned doors can keep your rooms cool during summers.

    Incredible View

    If you are one of those who like the sound and magic of rains during winters, installing French doors can be an excellent decision. 

    These doors usually have transparent glasses. 

    good view with French doors - Big Easy Iron WorksThat means you can sit in your living room and see the rain pouring down in your garden or backyard. 

    Sipping a cup of hot chocolate, you can get cozy with your partner, read a book, or even write a poem, all because of the transparent glass doors.

    Getting Your Own French Door

    With so many benefits, it is hard to stay away from French doors for long. 

    Interested in a French door? Contact Big Easy Iron Works to get a quotation for any type of door. We offer patio doors, security doors, and storm doors. 


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