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  • What To Look For In Finding The Best Residential Storm Door

    What To Look For In Finding The Best Residential Storm Door Blog-Image

    Having a storm door is not a good idea. It’s a fantastic idea for your home! Not only would it spruce up design, but it also serves added security and efficiency.

    A storm door not only protects your house. It also prolongs the quality of your front door.

    Your front door is expensive because it boasts of special woodworks and painting. You’ll need to keep it in top shape to last for any occasion and years to come.

    If exposed to intense heat, especially if your front door receives a lot of sunlight, it can fade faster. It can also lower your door’s quality if it gets wet from either rain and snow. Storm doors provide your front door with TLC.

    During the summer, it cannot stop heat from coming in or keep your air conditioning within the house. It can’t beat the winter air from coming into your house even with your heating working its best.

    Storm doors can save you from these weather woes. Front doors are not effective in insulating your home.

    Sometimes, you would want to view the outside from the comforts of your home and let some fresh air in. You always need to still keep an eye on your kids while working inside. The windows won’t give you the view that the doorway can but this means you will have to open your door all the way.

    If you open your door, bugs can enter your home and give you future pest problems.

    Worse, it can attract potential burglars and solicitors to come into your home. Storm doors have options that help you let the air in without worrying about these visitors.

    Your Options For Storm Doors

    Storm doors come in different styles and functions so you have to know what you want first.

    Your lifestyle can also dictate what are the best storm doors you can get.

    Do you have toddlers or kids in the home? How about pets that use the front door to go potty? Is there a specific house scheme that you want to maintain? Are you leaning towards more security storm doors like double storm doors?

    Storm Door Materials

    Your home appeal goes up a few notches when you add a storm door to your doorway.

    You have an option to choose from three materials that are sure to fit anything you and your house needs.

    Angie’s List listed the price of the interior security doors minus the installation. It can range from $180 to $1,200 depending on added features. Installation can range from about $175 to $250 depending on the installers.


    Wood is the most appealing of all door materials. This was the material used for traditional uses in places like Japan for ventilation.

    Wood Door New Orleans

    Points to consider about wood materials are:

    As your wood thickness increases, your door frame becomes more durable and ready for wear.

    With certain colors and finishes to choose from.

    Looks attractive and can match if you have a wooden door as well.

    Wood needs maintenance through painting and coating.

    It can accommodate glass panels as long as the wood is one inch thick or more.


    Steel doors are also popular choices for best storm doors for security. They are available in many thickness options.

    Aluminum or steel security doors features include:

    This is resistant to rust and corrosion making it long-lasting.

    It needs less material maintenance, unlike wood that needs painting.

    Glass and screen door panels are easy to switch or customized together.

    Thicker steel frames are more rigid compared to thinner types.

    PVC and Fibreglass

    These door types are newer alternatives to aluminum and wood materials. Decorative storm doors are more available with these options.

    Certain features include:

    PVC types are unlikely to peel, rot, corrode, expand and warp in shape.

    Fiberglass doors are expensive but can withstand the most damage and UV radiation.

    Prior manufacturing can help it have a wood grain effect.

    Thicker doors provide the best security at a price.

    Storm Door Types

    Custom storm doors are available for your every need. These will provide how much view and ventilation you can get for your house.

    Some homeowners associations can only allow several features for exterior security storm doors. It would be best to verify the allowed storm door types for your home area.

    Full-View Storm Doors

    Storm Door New Orleans

    If you want people to still view the design of your front door, this popular storm choice is the one for you.

    These doors are customizable with choices like to either trade glass panels for a screen. You can either do the whole thing or only a part to have the best of both worlds.

    The price for the full-view storm door starts at $190 to $400 depending on size and custom.

    Partial View/Ventilating

    These decorative storm doors give a wide variety of options for homeowners. The bottom part of the door is solid and customizable.

    Some choose to add pet doors in this bottom area for easy access. This is also perfect for those who want the right amount of sunlight to come into their house.

    Prices for these door types range from $97 to $300.

    Self-Storing/Roll Screen

    These are storm doors with a built-in retractable screen. This choice is perfect as well to keep unwanted bugs at bay anytime you want the fresh air in your house.

    This combines the security of full-view types and the convenience of the ventilating door. This is best for airflow as well on stuffy days. Featured door prices range from $100 to $280 depending on your preference.

    With the unpredictable weather in New Orleans, it would be a great home feature to have a durable storm door. You can even customize the perfect decorative storm door features.

    Change up the color, material, and thickness and still stay within the budget.

    If you need professional help for the best storm doors, call Big Easy Iron Works. With 30 years of expertise in storm doors under our belt, we can provide security and aesthetics.

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