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  • How to Add Security Windows for Home – A Safety Guide

    How to Add Security Windows for Home – A Safety Guide Blog-Image

    Ninety seconds to twelve minutes is all it takes for burglary to take place in your home.

    That is less than 1% of the total minutes of your 24-hour day. No wonder, homeowners frequently are not aware that burglary is happening when it does. Burglars do an excellent job of committing the crime unwitnessed.

    Burglary is defined by the FBI “as the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or a theft.

    To classify an offense as a burglary, the use of force to gain entry need not have occurred”.

    Burglaries often happen without violence, nevertheless, it can leave victims traumatized for months.

    The victims are left with a lingering fear of having had a criminal inside their home and the thought that he or she comes back. Needless to say, securing your home from intruders is of utmost importance.


    How Can You Secure Your Windows at Home From Intruders?

    Windows are one of the main entry points for intruders! Here are tips on making your windows burglar-proof:

    Always lock your windows when you are away.

    As mentioned earlier, it will just take minutes for a burglar to enter your home and get what they want. So, keep your windows locked even if you will just go out for a quick errand. Remember, the intruder is quicker than your quick errand. For specialized window security locks, contact your local hardware store.

    Secure basement windows.

    Installing grills or grates in basement windows where intruders usually sneak through, can create second thoughts for your intruders. Make sure though that in case of fire, the grills can be opened from the inside.

    Block the opening of a window.

    Leave no more than six inches at the opening so even if a window is left open, the burglar will have a hard time gaining access.

    Use anti-lift devices.

    Consider sliding glass windows, to prevent a window from being lifted out to gain access.

    Use window coverings.

    These can make the inside of your homeless visible keeping your valuables unseen. Window screens tend to darken the home. However, it is advantageous to some because it helps a home stay cooler during the hot summer months. There is an option nonetheless to use a low-energy bright bulb if you like a screen but with a little more light.

    Install a Window Security Film.

    This is great to invest in because aside from the added security to your home, installing it does not impede the view nor does it make your home look like a prison. There are security films that can withstand the force of stacked stone.

    Securamerica reported that crime analysts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have determined that almost 90% of home burglaries can be prevented by putting in place some basic defenses that will make your home less attractive for a criminal.

    Can a Window Security Film be Bulletproof?

    Security Window in New Orleans

    A security film is made of thin sheets of polyester that is made to stick to regular window glass with an adhesive.

    They are installed in windows to hold the window together in one piece if it is broken or shattered.

    They also provide UV protection and aesthetics to the home because they come in decorative patterns. Sadly, they are not bulletproof when used on standard residential glass. Even the most advanced security film does not have that property.

    How Can You Get Bulletproof Windows for Your House?

    Simply survival listed some of the most common materials used in bulletproof security windows for your home. These are:

    Bulletproof laminate

    This type offers great protection from shattering and can be especially sound-resistant, reducing spying and eavesdropping. It is often naturally UV resistant. However, it is very thick and heavy. Sometimes, a layer of polycarbonate is needed to preserve strength while reducing weight.


    A great choice for bulletproof glass because it is light, thin, and easy to work with. But it may not be the ideal choice for a home because it is not a very durable material.

    Glass-clad polycarbonate

    This is the window material that has excellent bullet resistance but needs the addition of glass for aesthetics and durability. It is also expensive because it is hard to work with.

    If you really want security windows for your homes that are bulletproof, you can choose from a lot of options varying in material, price range, and bullet-stopping quality.

    Outsmart the Burglar!

    Security Window in New Orleans

    Remember that a burglar’s goal is to get in and out of your home fast with your valuables. They will make sure you will not see them.

    They will prey on an easy target, with the greatest amount of cover and a fast and accessible escape route. Who is at risk of burglary and how can you outsmart the burglar?

    There are more access points and hiding places for detached homes. Homes in the center of the block are also most likely to be targeted because they are less visible and there is less likelihood of vehicles compared to a corner house.

    If your home does not have a security system, yours is most likely to be broken into. Many intruders will avoid yards or homes with alarm signs in them. “The lesson here is to lower your risk, you need to ‘harden the target’ so your home is more difficult to enter.”

    The most likely to be burglary victims are students probably because they usually possess the latest electronics and most burglars are under 25. Elderly people are next in line possibly because they have prescription medications, which is included in the most common items stolen.

    Defend Thy Home

    “Crime analysts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have determined that almost 90% of home burglaries can be prevented by putting in place some basic defenses that will make your home less attractive for a criminal”.

    Burglarproof your home with basic defenses like a security window. Do not let the burglar in one of your hard-earned investments — your home.

    Big Easy Iron Works is one of the leading companies in New Orleans that offers security windows for your home.

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