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Recommended New Orleans Wrought Iron Refurbishing Services – Restore The Beauty of Your Wrought Iron

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Wrought iron restoration will save you from a wasteful and expensive replacement. Big Easy Iron Works‘ professional and experienced wrought iron specialists are ready to handle all forms of metal works restoration and repairs in New Orleans.

We take pride in our complete and quality wrought iron services that include restoring your existing metalwork to bring back its former glory. Wrought iron is not an easy job but with our expert metal workers, you are guaranteed that each wrought iron restoration project is carried out with utmost care and attention.

The seamless process that we developed over the years is designed to provide maximum durability to withstand the elements to which your wrought iron is exposed.  So if you want your old and rusty wrought iron to be updated and look like new, our wrought iron repair services will do the wonders for you.

What is Wrought Iron Refurbishing?

Wrought Iron - Big Easy Iron WorksWrought iron is one of the most popular types of material for fences, gates, and furniture because of its extreme durability. Although it is durable because it is corrosion-resistant, there is no guarantee that it is corrosion-proof.

A wrought iron refurbishing service involves repairing the corroded or damaged components of wrought ironwork. It is accomplished by skilled blacksmiths who specialize in this field.  Knowing that wrought iron can be refurbished will save you money and help you maintain the integrity of your wrought iron fixture.

What Causes Wrought Iron to Have Problems?

Wrought iron is a classic favorite for many fixtures in residential and commercial properties. It is used to make gates, railings, chains, and many others.  The reasons why it is preferred over other materials include its outstanding features like malleability and corrosion-resistance nature.

The main problem that you have to deal with in using wrought iron is corrosion.  Other sources of damage can be impact damage from vehicles and previous poor repairs.

Corrosion can result from poorly maintained wrought iron.  Since wrought iron consists of fine layers of iron and then painted, when the finish is not properly maintained, the bare metal becomes exposed to the atmosphere.

Fence Pattern - Big Easy Iron WorksMoisture is the number one culprit once the bare metal is exposed.  It can penetrate between the layers of the wrought iron and cause its layers to be pushed apart. When the wrought iron expands, it can break the masonry where it is installed or fixed.

On the other hand, when a wrought iron has previously gone through poor repairs, it can cause the wrought iron to unsightly arc.

With Big Easy Iron Works, you are assured that all your wrought iron problems will be dealt with to bring back its character and beauty. Our blacksmiths have years of experience in all types of wrought iron repairs and refurbishments that have left our clients with wrought iron refurbishment needs satisfied and happy.

Benefits of Refurbishing Wrought Iron

There can be many issues that need to be addressed when refurbishing wrought iron. When we tackle a refurbishing project, we take it personally.

This means that we take time to understand our client’s needs and what they expect from the refurbishing project.

Here are some benefits of our wrought iron refurbishing services:

  • Precise refurbishing in a controlled environment allows us to specifically refurbish and refinish your wrought iron with new paint in a warehouse that has the ideal setup for wrought iron refurbishing.
  • Complete paint removal by our refurbishment experts using proper tools like state-of-the-art sandblasting equipment and a seamless process.  We always make sure to prepare the surface of your wrought iron to accomplish your desired finish and eliminate undesirable uneven bumps and bubbles.
  • A durable finish that is powder primed and then powder top coated in two coats to restore and maintain the luster of your wrought iron.  We guarantee wrought iron refurbishing that will last for years to come.

We offer quality wrought iron refurbishing services that can be the solution to your wrought iron issues. We focus on bringing back both the aesthetic appeal and the durability of your wrought iron.

How Does Wrought Iron Refurbishing Work?

When your wrought iron has been exposed to the elements, especially long periods of exposure to oxygen, it will eventually corrode.

In Big Easy Iron Works in New Orleans, we can provide solutions for your corroding wrought iron.

Here is what we do for every wrought iron refurbishing project:

  1. Preparing for restoration:  We thoroughly clean and remove corroded or damaged parts of your wrought iron.  When parts are totally corroded, we cut them out completely to prevent further corrosion.  We use tools to make sure this step is carried out successfully.
  2. Sand Blasting to remove corrosion and rough surfaces:  We implore sandblasting, the quickest and most effective method to remove corrosion on the surfaces of your wrought iron.  Sandblasting uses abrasive particles and high pressure to make sure the surface of your wrought iron is smooth.
  3. Cleaning with water and dish-washing soap or detergent powder: We scrub out all tiny residues first with a coarse scrubber or brush, rinse it thoroughly with water, and allow the metal to dry.
  4. Applying a coat of rust-resistant primer on your wrought iron to prevent further weathering.  Car wax can also be used depending on your preference.
  5. Dust the surface after applying the primer so that the paint finish will adhere to the wrought iron.
  6. Powder coating or painting the metal with paint in powder form to make your wrought iron last long.

If you want your wrought iron to get back its beauty and strength, let us do the work for you. You can talk to our specialist contractor for wrought iron refurbishments and get a free quote on your refurbishment project.

Our Wrought Iron Refurbishing Services

We offer full protection for your wrought iron and we provide a free estimate for every individual corroded section that needs to be refurbished. Our quote does not include hidden charges.

The wrought iron refurbishing services we offer include:

  • Charts teak refinishing
  • iron restoration vinyl
  • chart vinyl sling
  • teak refinishing wicker
  • strapping vinyl color
  • restoration vinyl lacing
  • refinishing wrought iron
  • wrought iron furniture repair and refurbish

Other Services We Offer in New Orleans

We provide all types of iron works solutions to meet your needs in both residential and commercial applications.  We take pride in successful iron works projects for our clients through these installation, repairs, and maintenance of the following:

Big Easy Iron Works is your trusted and reliable provider of all types of iron structures in New Orleans.

We give the most competitive pricing for all our iron works services with a guarantee that you will get the best quality materials and service for the iron works solutions that you need.

Our iron works are all tailor-made for every customer. Call us today!

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– Vanessa Johnson

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