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Repairing All Cracked Welds With Our Professional Wrought Iron Repair Services

Big Easy Iron Works is a Louisiana-based company that specializes in cracked weld repair services. We are committed to providing the best customer experience possible and offer exceptional workmanship at affordable prices.

Our team of experts has been certified by AWS, and API welding codes. This ensures your project will be completed the right way, on time, and within budget.

If you have a welding project that needs to be done, we would be happy to provide a free consultation. Call us today to get started!

What Is Repair Welding?

Rapairing cracked welds

Welding repair is the process of repairing a cracked or broken weld. This can be done by either rewedding the existing weld, or by welding a new weld on top of the old weld.

Repair welding is often used to fix defects in welds that have already been created, but it can also be used to create welds in areas that would otherwise be too difficult to weld.

There are several reasons why you might need to repair a weld. The most common reason is that the weld has cracked or broken. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as improper welding technique, poor metal quality, or incorrect welding settings.

Other reasons why you might need to repair a weld include:

  • Welds that are too thin
  • Welds that are too wide
  • Welds that are not properly aligned
  • Welds that have been contaminated with foreign objects or materials
  • Welds that have been damaged by heat or corrosion

If you are having problems with your welds, then repair welding may be the solution you are looking for!

How Do I Repair Cracked Welds?

Repairing cracked welds at stress points immediately after they occur will keep your trailer safe, prolong its life and protect your investment.

Step 1

Remove the entire cracked weld using an angle grinder. Drill stress-relieving holes at both ends of a crack before welding if it leads to the frame.

Step 2

Then, using a stainless-steel wire brush, scrub the region to be welded. To prevent weld contamination, only use this brush for aluminum usage. The surface should be bright and gleaming, indicating that all the dull oxide layer has been removed.

Step 3

Weld in a well-ventilated area free from flammable materials and remember to wear proper skin and eye protection.

Step 4

Begin welding at the crack’s drilled end, which has the most restraint, and proceed forward.

Step 5

Finally, use the wire brush to polish or blend-grind the weld for a smooth finish. A great weld bead will resemble a row of stacked dimes. The discoloration at the edges indicates good penetration and a substantial weld.

No Time to Repair by Yourself? Call Us!

If you have a cracked weld, don’t worry – Big Easy Iron Works can help! We provide expert welding services to fix any type of weld, no matter how badly it’s damaged. We have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done right, and we’ll work quickly to ensure that your repairs are done as quickly as possible.

Full-Service Welding & Repair Shop – We’re Here for You

Big Easy Iron Works is here for you, whether you need a quick repair or a custom fabrication project. Our team can handle any job, big or small.

Here are the services we offer:

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What Our Clients Say

“Great job on the iron gates! I can’t believe they finished installing the iron gate and repairing our fence. A lot of my neighbors recommended Big Easy Iron Works and I can see why they trust them so much. Very professional workers came and the owner checked up from time to time. Great experience.”

– Vanessa Johnson

“You have my respect for Big Easy Iron Works! Thank you for staying true to your word about quality service. They helped install our new iron fence and it exceeded my expectations to be honest. They explained everything they would be doing every day of the job. I really recommend them for those living in New Orleans. Hire them for your fencing needs.”

– Billy Anderson

“I contacted Big Easy Iron Works because most of my neighbors recommended them to me. I am satisfied with the time that they took to finish the work repairs with my wood fence. The fences they placed turned out nice and they looked like they would last longer. I would also recommend them to my friends in New Orleans.”

– Shirley Oaks